My Thoughts On Joker

Joker is the box office hit which shows you the arch nemesis of Batman in a whole new light.  It stars Joaquin Phoenix and delves into the psychological mindset of Joker himself and tackles many controversial issues such as: mental health, gun violence and rioting to name a mere few.  Overall, the film is incredibly well made and doesn’t glamourize any of the issues thrown at them which is a lot less that I can say for similar films.  It was extremely cleverly constructed, had just the right amount of tension and plot twists.  Phoenix was perfectly cast to play the clinically insane Joker and by the end it left me begging for more.

As a pre-warning for anyone wishing to watch the film, there’s an extremely large amount of violence shown in graphic detail, and if you are not a fan of blood, guts and gore at all; this may not be the film for you.

This film also homes into gun violence like never before, not glamourizing it but instead making a poignant statement over what’s currently happening in America.  The representation of Joker’s mental illnesses was perfectly portrayed and left me questioning reality.  I found it fascinating to watch how his psychological trauma played out, especially without the support he needed.  A constant theme is that of anarchy and chaos within the social classes and that was extremely interesting to watch what with everything that is currently going on in the world.

I have next to no criticism of this movie except for one fateful mistake the creators made.  As you may already be aware, Gary Glitter – an evil man convicted of many sexual assault and rape claims, possessing child pornography and underage sex – has produced a large amount of the soundtrack.  He’s getting paid highly for this – even behind bars and he’s getting more popular by the minute.

Overall, the movie is a total work of art and I cannot stress enough that you should watch it.  It tackles so many controversial issues with such maturity and it really gets the points it wished to tackle across.  As soon as they decide to remove Gary Glitter from the music, it’ll be absolutely stunning, and I’ll have nothing but praise for it.

This was very different to what I normally write about but I enjoy it and I hope you do too!  Tell me if there are any other movies you want me to talk about and review.  I love you all,

xo baby, Tati xoxo


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