Wonderful Women

Long story short, women can be the most amazing, wonderful, kind-hearted people.  That’s all thank you for reading see ya soon.  For real though, I honestly do not think I would be half the 15-year-old I am today if it wasn’t for the amazing, influential women I have in my life.  So, while my mental health is on a high, while I can’t watch youtube because of the hecking fireworks going off every five seconds, while I feel bad for not posting in agesssss, I’m going to tell you about the best five fabulous women who have shaped me into what I am today.

Firstly, my idol, wcw, future wife, Miss Taylor Swift!  Say what you want about her but I’m going to say right now that she should be treated with so much respect.  I used to love listening to her songs and dream about how one day I would get my own man who has a James Dean daydream look in his eye before I even knew what a crush was.  She was the soundtrack to my Year Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten and her music gave me the strength I needed to keep on fighting.  If she could turn all the hate she received into multiple songs I quote on the daily, I could deal with the rumours at my school.  Even to this day I’m not ashamed to admit I saw her in concert and now whenever I feel down or don’t think I can face another day seeing those people at school, I just blast out Look What You Made Me Do and suddenly I feel kickass and ready to start the day.  Music may not be able to change the world but Taylor Swift sure has saved mine.

Another woman who has shaped me and my future more than she will ever know is my year 10 English teacher.  I have no way of contacting her or seeing how she is so I just have to hope somehow she’ll one day read this and realise what a great teacher and influence she was to me.  Not only did she make me fall in love with English and reading once more, but she made me realise I do have a future in this world, and it can be as amazing as I want it to be.  Now, because of her I know what I want to do post year 11 – something I couldn’t bare to think of a mere few years ago.  She believed in me and saw more potential in me than I did at the time.  Now I can saw with confidence I am good at English Literature and my grades show it!  So, to my year 10 English teacher who taught 10XJA, just know that you’ve helped me more than you will ever know.

A woman of whom I have only met once but she has changed my life forever, is a woman called Lucy.  She also has a blog and it’s amazing and at the bottom of this article I’ll leave a link for it.  Lucy is such a strong kickass feminist and I honestly hope I get to be like her when I grow up.  She’s lovely quite simply.  She encouraged me to start my blog, she was my first follower, first fan and first supporter of what I am writing and doing, and she has helped me so much.  So, even though this paragraph may not be as long as the others, I just want to say people called Lucy are great (my therapist is also called Lucy and I adore her too, so I think Lucy’s are magical beings).

My favourite teacher that I have ever had is hands down my Citizenship teacher.  For those who don’t know, citizenship is basically all about the world around us and we talk lots about important matters such as consent, drugs and extinction rebellion and other “important” matters such as Brexit!  Was that too political?  Oh well, I am keeping that in.  She once, ONCE said to me that I could easily become Prime Minister and make England an amazing place and I hold that close to my heart.  She most likely doesn’t even remember saying that, but she lets me complain to her and the rest of the class about how ridiculous the world is and what can be improved.  Even though I am positive that my class hate me at this point, she still lets me scream and shout until I’m blue in the face then she asks me what I think I should do about it.  So, thanks Miss, for making my citizenship lessons fun and for giving me an outlet for my inner angry demon which would never see the light of day until it was too late.  So thank you Miss!!

Last but absolutely not least, the most amazing woman in my life has got to be my Mum.  Any of my friends can tell you that I love my Mum and that they love her too.  Mum, you’re very popular so well done, people like you more than me but we’ll brush past that.  Ever since I was in that womb, my Mum has been my number one fan and always supported me.  My Mum is the kind of Mum who listens to me complaining hours on end and just lets me without stopping me.  She likes to know what’s going on in my life but not in the helicopter parent way, but in the way that she genuinely cares.  We’re on the same wavelength and we speak exactly the same and have the same mannerisms and the same sense of humour.  She’ll probably use all this against me but oh well!  I love you Mum and I always worry I don’t say it enough, but I really do mean it from the bottom of my heart.  Here’s to decades more of us both saying exactly the same thing, jamming out to Foo Fighters, The Killers, Greenday and the list goes on, in the car, playing slapsies because we are both children at heart and getting amazing mugshots of one another.

It was super hard to make that list because I could have gone on for hours on hours on hours about all the women I love.  There are so many women and girls who have helped shape me but I’ll do another post about that (maybe on my Instagram which you really should be following).  Anyway, I love you all, viva le résistance baby!

xo baby, Tati xoxo

“And here’s to my mama, had to listen to all this drama!”

Taylor Swift – This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Women

  1. Well Tati you have done it again. You never cease to amaze and inspire me. I love your post on Wonderful Women.
    There are some wonderful women in the world and you are turning out to be one of the best. Love and hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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