My Thoughts On Wicked the Musical

Wicked Musical Poster

If you don’t know me, I am a massive musical nerd.  I love musicals – particularly Book of Mormon, Heather’s, Mean Girls the Musical, Kinky Boots and Six to name a few!  So, when I learnt there was going to be a school trip to see Wicked, I lost my mind.  Going to see a musical in the West End with my best friends?  Sign me up!  It was an amazing adventure and I’m here to tell you all about it!

As it was an evening performance, we got to travel to London in the evening.  This may not sound important but remember that it was December that we went which meant Christmas lights!  The drive up there alone was an experience, it was all so gorgeous!  I managed to take a few photos as we drove past so it’s not the best quality, but I think they are still pretty cool:

When we got to the theatre, I found that firstly: the theatre itself was gorgeous – both inside and outside, and that secondly: the seats we had were amazing.  Honestly, we were seven or eight rows away from the stage so we could see everything so clearly and it was incredible to see all the actors and actresses up close, all the facial expressions you would otherwise miss were all there and they bought the whole musical alive.  I was also lucky enough to sit next to my own Elphaba to my Glinda which was so much fun – it was a bonding experience to say the least!

As soon as the first act began, I was instantly drawn in.  The fanfare, the music, the message, it was all so scary but in such a mesmerising way.  The set and scenery are both so amazing and it looks so realistic.  The way Glinda has her bubbles as she floats down to meet the people of Oz, looked stunning and her costume was so delicately put together, it was so stunning, so sparkly, so pretty, so painfully Glinda the Good Witch.  Even the costumes for the citizens of Oz were amazing.  They were all so quirky and different but made them look so unified.  When Elphaba and Glinda meet each other for the first time, the chemistry was so incredible, you really couldn’t help but believe everything that came out of their mouth!

The soundtrack is everything it’s hyped up to be and more!  It honestly doesn’t surprise me that it’s been nominated for so many awards for purely the song writing, what does surprise me is that it’s not won all of them!  Each word that leaves the characters lips is so perfectly suited to them, it’s all so cleverly put together!

I must say, before going to watch it, I was worried the actress who played Elphaba would not live up to Idina Menzel’s high standards (if any non-musical nerds are reading this, it’s the person who voiced Elsa in Frozen and she was the original Elphaba).  But oh, my Oz, she came through!!  Nikki Bentley is honestly so talented and her take on Elphaba was amazing and you couldn’t help but hang onto her every word.  Glinda – played by Helen Woolf gave me such strong Elle Woods Legally Blonde vibes and I loved it.  All the characters were so well cast to be fair – they all lived up to my original expectations and then took them further.

All in all, it was amazing, and I highly recommend you go watch it if you can.  There were so many plot twists and cliff hangers and I was obsessed. 

Our Tickets!!

Thank you for reading – it means a lot!  Also, I may not be posting for a while because mocks are in January so sorry about that!  But once they’re done, everything will go back to normal programming!

xo baby, Tati xoxo

PS – On the way back home I was eating Haribo because I love Haribo.  One of the jelly babies I was eating was just so chubby and I loved it so I took a photo of it just so I could post it here.  So, here’s my jelly baby I got emotionally attached to:

It’s just so chubby!

12 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Wicked the Musical

  1. I would love to see this after reading your write up. You have made sound so exciting. I love the theatre its certainly on my list to see.
    Good luck with your exams. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love you Tati 😘xx

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  2. Well- Wicked means a lot to me. Loved since 2006; was only 12 at the time. My mom and I were on vacation in NYC and the two of us saw Wicked on Broadway. I saw it three more times on tour at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte.

    Long Story Short- Wicked sparked my love for musicals. It was how I discovered emotional connection and the emotional and complex side to musicals. Wicked was truly the beginning. Boy, cannot believe it was 13 years ago.

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