52 Date Ideas

52 Dates – That’s one for each week in a year! Romance in 365 days? Here we go!


Idea One: Go on a walk and see the Christmas lights! (come back home afterwards and have some hot chocolate)

Idea Two: Go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park – it’s gorgeous there and I haven’t been this year which makes me sad (hint hint)

Idea Three: Go Christmas shopping together!  I’ve done this before with my best mate and we just spent hours shopping for presents, then went back to his and wrapped them both together (on a total caffeine high because we drank lots of Costa’s festive menu, but that part is optional)

Idea Four: Watch a Christmas Light switch on!

Idea Five: Cook a meal together!  You can make whatever you want, it’s fun and a total bonding experience which leaves you with memories to last a lifetime.

Idea Six: Decorate the Christmas Tree together!  Now, this is something I’ve never done but I really want to because it just sounds so cute!  Definitely adding it to my date list bucket list.

Idea Seven: Christmas Movie marathon!  Cuddles, snacks and movies to out you in the mood… the festive mood!  (Mum, Dad I am so sorry – forgive me)

Idea Eight: Gingerbread house making!  When I told some friends I’ve never made a gingerbread house before, they looked at me like I told them Santa isn’t real.  So, yet another one for my date list bucket list (I think I should trademark that)

Idea Nine: Play in the snow!  I may just secretly be a child trapped in a crazy teen body; but playing in the snow is so much fun!  Whenever I have a snow day at school, me and a few others all get a ball and play the most aggressive game of catch you will ever see.  We honestly mope, limp and groan back to someone’s house and someone’s always nearly broken a bone.  Romance!

Idea Ten: Go try something new together!  Pottery painting, jewellery making, an art class – whatever takes your fancy!  It’s always fun to get those creative juices flowing!

Idea Eleven: Have a lazy day.  Just go to someone’s house in your pyjamas and do absolutely nothing all day.  You’ve earned it.

Idea Twelve: Go to a local Christmas fair.  Not only are you spending time with someone you love, but you’re also supporting your community, spreading the Christmas cheer and giving to good causes people are raising money for.

Idea Thirteen: Cuddles!! Just cuddles.  Cuddles 🙂


Idea Fourteen: Have a long walk.  Take the time to smell the roses, look at all the new flowers blooming and just appreciate the time with your partner.  (Also, another one to add to my date list bucket list)

Idea Fifteen: Film Night!  This has been and always will be my go-to of dates.  I find it so lovely to just cuddle with my partner while we watch movies.  Also, a fun one to do with friends – my mates and I watched all the Shrek’s.  It was amazing.

Idea Sixteen: Trip to IKEA.  If you don’t know me, I freaking LOVE IKEA.  It’s the coolest place and it’s even more fun with friends.  Just trust me on this, going to IKEA with those you love is the most chaotic thing but it’s perfect.

Idea Seventeen: Go watch a musical together!  It’s not always that cheap but I’ve always dreamed of going and watching The Book of Mormon with someone I love.  Not sure why, but if you ever want to win a Tatiana over, Book of Mormon tickets and go to IKEA afterwards – then boom, romance.

Idea Eighteen: Going bowling.  I am an extremely competitive person and bowling with me is fun so, double whammy.

Idea Nineteen: Go to a sports game together!  I’ve been roped into going and watching football with my Big Brother and my Boyfriend and I guess it’ll be interesting?  Never watched football before unless it’s the world cup so we’ll see how it goes!

Idea Twenty: Video game day!  As aforementioned, I am very competitive, and I love video games.  Particularly the racing games and super Mario.  It’s super fun and nothing releases stress better than screaming at Luigi because he just hit you with a green shell.

Idea Twenty-One: Go on an Easter Trail.  This is fun with little siblings as well and you could get chocolate at the end so go for it!

Idea Twenty-Two: Go to a car boot sale!  Get some random junk you don’t really need but whenever you see it, it reminds you of them.  Romance!

Idea Twenty-Three: Have a phone detox day!  I do this all the time with my partner – we just put our phones out of sight and enjoy spending time with one another.  It’s crazy how much more you talk when your phone isn’t in reach.

Idea Twenty-Four: Go to an exercise class together!  It releases good endorphins and is a great stress reliever.

Idea Twenty-Five: Spa day!  Calm, relaxing and you’re still spending time with each other.

Idea Twenty-Six: Go on a good spring clean!  You’ll feel much more in control when you do and it’s a great memory maker!


Idea Twenty-Seven: Go to a festival or concert together!  I’ve done this with my friend before and I had such a great time just screaming the lyrics of songs with him.  It’s great – trust me.

Idea Twenty-Eight: Day out to a Theme park!

Idea Twenty-Nine: Late night summer adventures!  Oh, my word I love doing this.  Just going around your local area in the evening and enjoying the sun and each other’s company.  One of my favourites on this list for sure.

Idea Thirty: Building a den and have an outdoor movie marathon!  Date list bucket list – I’ve seen this and read about this so much and I just adore how cute it seems!

Idea Thirty-One: Stargazing.  It’s beautiful and it gives you so many ideas for pick-up lines… Priorities!

Idea Thirty-Two: Have a mystery adventure!  Have one person plan out the whole date, and don’t tell the other anything about it!  Boom, romance!

Idea Thirty-Three: Go to the beach!  I did this with my best friend, and we went to Brighton together and it was honestly the most fun I think I’d had at the beach!  These dates aren’t just for romantic partners, they’re for your partners in crime too!

Idea Thirty-Four: Have a pool day!  Sunbathe and splashing about is honestly such a fun thing to do.

Idea Thirty-Five: Have a picnic!  This is honestly an idea I have from my grandad because when I was probably around 5 or 6 and my Grandma was still working, we used to go to Windsor and have a picnic and if the weather wasn’t great, we’d just stay inside and have an “indoor picnic”.

Idea Thirty-Six: Go to an outdoor cinema!  I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but I never have.  It just sounds great and cute and gahh; date list bucket list!

Idea Thirty-Seven: Take a walk down memory lane and go to all the places which made you who you are today!  Even go to the placed where you first met if you wish!

Idea Thirty-Eight: Have a BBQ.  An iconic summertime thing and you can even throw a mini party out of and invite over friends!

Idea Thirty-Nine: Go ziplining or complete a course of high ropes together!


Idea Forty: Revise and chill out together!

Idea Forty-One: Go on an adventure!  Put on your boots and go on a wander and see where it takes you!

Idea Forty-Two: Binge watch a good TV show! 

Idea Forty-Three: Have a stereotypical date: go to a restaurant and the cinema!  It’s cute and simple!

Idea Forty-Four: Go to a museum or art gallery!  This is something I have wanted to do for so long and I feel like I may just drag my boyfriend to the national history museum in London, just so we can lose our minds over dinosaurs.

Idea Forty-Five: Take a train and see where it takes you!

Idea Forty-Six: Explore a haunted house together!  I have also wanted to go to a haunted hotel – as in a properly haunted hotel and just see what happens.  Fun fact of the day: I’m really interested in the supernatural, I love watching Sam and Colby and Buzzfeed Unsolved.

Idea Forty-Seven: Pumpkin carving!  Please only do this is you’re definitely on good terms with the other person – I would rather not be held accountable for placing the idea of murder in people’s heads!

Idea Forty-Eight: Mess around with leaves and (try) rake them up.  A chore made fun by others, like the spring cleaning!

Idea Forty-Nine: Go to a haunted house – not a real one though!

Idea Fifty: Go on a journey and try find a new café or shop!

Idea Fifty-One: Go to a fireworks display – adding it to the date list bucket list!

Idea Fifty-Two: Have a campfire with all your friends!  I’ve wanted to do this for so long – it just sounds like loads of fun!


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