I’ve Got This

He may have been strong

But I am stronger.

He may have been tough

But I am tougher.

He may have been smart

But I am smarter.

He may have thought he ruined my life

But he was wrong. 

Now I’m stronger, smarter and tougher.

If I could get through him,

I’m stronger than 10 of him combined.

If I could stand my ground around him,

I’m tougher than 100 of him combined.

If I could not listen to the lies, he forced down my throat for years on end,

I am smarter than 1000 of him combined.

So even though you’ve hurt me, broke me and tore me down,

It ends now.

I am not your puppet on a silver string.

I am not your violin you can play

I am a human being.

I am strong.

I am tough.

I will get through this and you’ll wish you never crossed me.


One thought on “I’ve Got This

  1. You have definitely ‘got this.’ The way you write your articles in your blog shows that you will triumph over adversity. You are amazing and spirited – never change!

    Liked by 1 person

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