Fun facts about clothes for you today!  I’m doing my mocks for the next few weeks, so I quickly bashed this one out so sorry if it seems rushed.  I’ll be back to normal programming soon and I may delete this so don’t be surprised.  After this I’ll most likely break until the end of January as that’s when the exams end.  Sorry again, I love you all and I’ll be back soon! xx

  • If you’re wearing revealing clothing, you’re not a whore or a slag!  If you feel comfortable and confident in it than wear it!  Know that Tati will be cheering you on from the side-lines
  • It also doesn’t mean you’re asking for it!  Clothes don’t mean yes.  If you say, “I couldn’t help touching them, they were asking for it.”  I’m going to say it.  You’re a dick.
  • Catcalling is really not a compliment!  If I hear a man yell something at me, I get mad.  The best example of this is one time I was walking to school on my own – of course wearing my school’s summer uniform – a polo shirt and a skirt.  I was melting so I was showing a bit of skin – whore I know – and I had a builder walk up to me and lick his lips while making direct eye contact.  I am a minor.  I just want to walk to school and not have to call my friend because I’m scared.   Long story short, don’t wolf whistle or yell mean stuff at girls.  It’s not nice and it makes them feel unsafe.
  • If you cover up, you’re not a prude!  I have a running joke with a friend of mine that I’m the whore and she’s the prude.  Why?  Simply because I have rumours flying around about me left right and centre and the same about her – only the other end of the spectrum.  Just wear what you like – you can’t please everyone so just please yourself.
  • Boys will be boys and they will be held accountable for their actions.
  • They’re just clothes!  At the end of the day they are just clothes, no need to get political, no need to overreact.  Let me wear clothes.  End of.

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