May Faves

May. For me, the month of besties birthdays; warm weather; switching sweaters for shorts and just feeling overall calm and relaxed. May is an amazing month, so I’m here to show you what I’m in love with this month!

1. BoJack Horseman

Available on Netflix

I started this show last week Thursday, and now I’m about 10 episodes away from the finale! This dark but comedic cartoon respectfully and carefully deals with very stigmatised, controversial topics and themes, including: asexuality, drug abuse, alcoholism, the me too movement, male gaze in Hollywood, mental health and the detrimental effects of being in the limelight. That, mixed with it’s amazing cast and hilarious characters, it’s definately an amazing show!

2. I Heart Revolution Makeup

This makeup brand is amazing. All their products have so much pigmentation, their easy to apply and they have a really lovely scent and the packaging is adorable! I’m in love with the eyeshadow set above and their highlighters! Did I mention they’re all super affordable too? Choose this brand!

3. Random but iconic Shakespeare quotes.

This one is definitely the inner thespian in me, but some of Shakespeare’s quotes are actually super sassy or empowering. I don’t really know how to feel about this new obsession, but it’s here now! Welcome to the family Shaksey-P!

4. 90s Style Aesthetics

From my Pinterest which you should check out.

Kind of a 90s preppy style, this sort of fashion sense is amazing. I’ve loved this style from afar for so long but now I feel confident enough to wear it. This summer they’ll be lots of this sort of thing in my wardrobe!

5. Online Shops

Number four was a very smooth transition to online shopping. I love a bit of retail therapy. I rarely buy the clothes but I like looking at what my new “style” should be.

6. Young Dumb Honey Bun

YDHBs YouTube Homepage

This Youtuber is definitely my summer lover. I find psychology really interesting and this insanely talented woman majored in it. Sara makes her videos so interesting because she talks about lots of similar things that I do but of course she has a degree, but she makes it easy to understand without being patronising. I find myself constantly binging her videos and overall, she just seems super lovely and down to earth. Also, her tattoos and makeup are incredible. Young Dumb Honey Bun is just a humble YouTuber who goes against the self-centred youtube bubble and that’s honestly my favprite thing about her. I will leave the link to her channel and you should check it out!

7. No Doubt

First of all, I blame my parents for my newfound adoration of No Doubt. Their songs are so good! Gwen Stefani is also a total style icon (if you look at photos of her you can see where my dream outfits come in). This band is just iconic and I love it and you will have heard at least one of their songs.

8. Fancy Phone Contacts

My Phone Contacts

I just think they look so cute! Over the last couple of days, I’ve been organising my contact list – I have so many people on there that I didn’t need at all. I started off with 200 contacts and whittled it down to 40. It was a really cleansing experience and now I feel like my phone is actually my phone again, instead of a robot that never shut up. As for the fancy fonts, I’ll leave a link below so you can do it too. It’s really simple 🙂

9. Phineas and Ferb

This is almost definatley me just being nostalgic and sad that I’m growing up, but my brother and I have been loving Phineas and Ferb recently! I’ve adored this zaney TV Show for a while now and nothing has changed! This show is like the kid friendly version of Rick and Morty and I LOVE IT.


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