Something Different…

As many of you know, August is my birth month. I’m planning on taking a little holiday from blogging, so I can focus on other aspects of my life. I’m starting sixth form in September, I’m trying to get a summer job, all in all, I want to get my head in the game. (woo Wildcats! (for those of you who understand that reference, I love you. (yes I’m using brackets in brackets, now in brackets. Don’t know how I ended up here but I don’t think my English teachers read this blog… so I think I’m safe? Unless brackets in brackets is a thing and I’m just uncultured swine. Anyway, back to normal programming!)))

However, I don’t want to throw you completely out of the loop, and I adore writing blog articles, it is my creative brain dump (outlet may sound more dignified but this blog isn’t exactly dignified). So, after thinking, I have decided that this August, I’m going to be spicing things up a bit by pre-writing an article for every single day thing month!

Does this make sense? If not, long story short, I’m taking a break, I’ll probably take a week max to be fair, but I’m doing it all the same. So I can still get the clout I love, I am going to be preparing a new article for each day in August.

What are all these articles going to be about? Well, I have recently stumbled upon Mel, creator of Life, Entirely. I must say, I am a massive fan of her posts, she and I are quite similar in our content and I hope that one day, my blog will be as successful as hers! She has created a 30 Day Writing Challenge, which I will be doing every single day this month, come rain or shine. The challenge is below and I hope you enjoy finding out more about me!

I’ve really enjoyed writing these articles and I hope you enjoy them too! If not, don’t stress as I’ll be back to normal programming soon enough anyway.

Love you,

Tati xoxo


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