Three Things That Grind My Gears (Pet Peeves Part Two)

Admittedly, I have done and article like this before. However, it is on the list and the previous one did get me a few new followers and likes… So, for purely popularity purposes, this is part two of my pet peeves! (If you want to see part one click here).

  1. FEET. I honestly don’t think there is much I hate in this world more than feet. They make me uncomfortable, they gross me out. I do not understand how they are so sweaty and ugh! I honestly shudder thinking about them. This particularly links to people exposing their feet in public places. I’m all for showing of your body but please don’t show me your feet. Please. There are only two exceptions to this and that is little kids who don’t need shoes, and three of my friends who do it just to anger me (you know who you are).
  2. People who don’t look after their dog/kid. This is of course coming from somebody who has never had a pet or child so you may disagree, but I despise it when I look for some kid/dogs owner/parent and they’re nowhere to be seen! I feel like all the responsibility of this child goes to me. Or, even worse, is when they misbehave. How are you meant to react to that?!
  3. People who complain about their meal/people who demand to speak to the manager. Call me painfully British, but I despise confrontation and I don’t like making a fuss in public. Jack Whitehall did a stand up show a good few years back now and he said about how he despises it too and I have never felt so exposed in my life! I just don’t want to make anyone upset and unless the worker is really in the wrong or something will go wrong if you don’t yell at them, there is really no need! Retail employees are humans too and they’re doing their bit for us so we should be nice to them.

Writing a part two to this article really confirms to me that I hate people. Wow, I’m an extrovert who thinks the human race is horrible. That’s what you get when you follow my blog! Controversial opinions, moans and rants, just general angry posts. I promise some of my articles are quite wholesome… You just may need to search for them a bit first!

Love you all, thanks for putting up with my crazy,

It’s Tati baby xxx


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