Five Places I Want To Visit

The world is a big place. Someday, I hope to explore it all. Until then, I wrote a little travelling bucket list of all the places I want to explore someday and I have, somehow, been able to condense that list down to five.

  1. New York.
Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa on

Someday I hope to live here, but until then, I’ve dreamt about visiting this magical city for so long. The hustle and bustle calls me, Broadway sings to me and all the culture and diversity make me feel like I’d fit right in. It’s no wonder Taylor Swift has a song about how it’s been waiting for you. I’ve been hoping to go there for years and years now. Someday, I will take NYC by storm, mark my words.

2. Japan

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

Even though my friends and I disagree on many things, one thing we all agree on is the fact that we desperately want to go to Japan. The culture for some, the history for others, the food for most, and the iconic experience which we’ve all dreamed about is so near yet so far. To be brutal, I’m going to expose my friends, one of which really wants to go because of Pokémon and another (couple) because of anime. I hope one day we’ll be able to explore Japan together, but until then, travel videos will have to try cure our wanderlust.

3. A Haunted House

Okay, I know this one is pretty controversial, but one of my dreams (admittedly one of the weirder ones) is to spend the night in a haunted house. Truthfully, I am pretty sceptical of ghosts. I think the idea is super cool, but the reality is typically more normal than abnormal. Call me a pessimist, but I feel there is a logical explanation to most “ghost sightings”. However, I’m okay with being proven wrong in this case, hence why I’d love to go to a haunted house. Unfortunately, most of my friends “don’t f*** with ghosts” and my parents think I’m insane for suggesting it as a good family holiday (which I guess kind of makes sense… you win for now Mum!), so I’ve never had anyone to really explore with. As soon as I find someone to drag along though, it’s over ghosty boys.

4. Shanghai Disney

Photo by Zichuan Han on

Ever since this Disney Park opened in 2016, it has been a massive goal of mine to go over there and explore. I watched countless videos where people spoke about how amazing it was and that it was truly magical and I want in! As with most of the places on this list, there is a reason I can’t go, that reason is it’s so expensive! As soon as I become a millionaire I’ll go there but as that’s unlikely… I’ll probably have to start saving up now!

5. Amsterdam

Photo by Pixabay on

At first, this seems innocent enough. However, I have had a plan for a while now that once me and two of my best mates turn 18, we’re going to explore the red light district. As a sort of way of celebrating being adults we’re going to do one of the most controversial things in Amsterdam! We’ve heard stories and we’re ready to find out more ourselves! Of course, I desperately want to go sightseeing there too, but if I’m over there… two birds with one stone right?

So there you have it! I feel as though this article has given you an unexpected insight into my brain, so, apologies for that. However, if you did enjoy this, please like and follow my blog, I appreciate it so much, and I’m honestly on cloud nine when I get any recognition. Please feel free to comment where you want to go, I’m always up for adding more ideas to my list!

Fly high guys, Tati xxx


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