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I write about social issues, my thoughts on things in this world and how to make a change. I’m just a 16 year old girl trying to get my voice heard in a sea of voices.

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Post-Lockdown Plans

As lockdown is set to end really soon and it’s the summer holidays, I thought it would be nice to share what I’ve been planning! I have been planning some of these since March 2020, and maybe it will give you inspiration as to what you should do when lockdown is over! I know not […]


TW// sexual assault, rape, suicidal thoughts, self harm, abuse, eating disorder VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 two years ago i experienced some of the toughest weeks i have ever faced. i have been very open about my experiences but it was so insanely tough, i am still very shocked i am here, albeit with bruises, […]

The Shard Afternoon Tea – A Day Out Review

As an early birthday surprise for my Mum, my Dad and I booked an afternoon tea experience at The Shard. My brother and I had previously been for afternoon tea with our grandparents, but it was my parents first ever time going, and so it was a very exciting experience for all of us – […]


friendships are super tough sometimes you drift, and that’s okay sometimes you have a massive argument and that’s also okay why? because at least there’s closure. but sometimes you just don’t get closure you wake up one day and they just seem to not care or they just start hating your guts and the whole […]

10 Double Standards Males and Females Face

Before I start writing this article, I just want to let you all know, I didn’t write this alone! My boyfriend came up with this idea and then also helped me with some of the main points I’m making. So, don’t thank me, thank him. Now, on with the post!♥️✨ Being alive on earth is […]

I Made Taylor Swift’s ME! Dress

Since the music video came out in 2019, I have adored this dress… I mean… just look at it! I wanted to get this dress so badly, but it was pretty pricey, to be exact: $4,995.00 pricey. So, I did what anyone with a passion for sewing and belief that I could be the next […]

Not All Men, But All Women: A Discussion

Finally, we’re having the discussion I’ve been trying to start for years now, it’s just a shame that an innocent woman had to die in order for this to begin.  I want to start by giving a disclaimer that this article will have strong language, talk about mature themes such as sexual assault and rape, and […]

Dying Black Hair for the First Time!

Something a little bit different for you lovely lot today! As you all know, I have really dark hair, as in natural black hair. If I ever wanted to dye my hair as a kid, I quite simply couldn’t. Whilst all my friends could get cute wash in wash out colours, I had to stick […]

IWD2021: Choose To Challenge

Happy International Women’s Day! The day which celebrates equality and women in general. It’s not just IWD this 8th of March, no no, it’s also Commonwealth Day, the day in England which we get to start going back to school, and National Napping Day. Whichever one is most important to you personally, I think we […]

one hundred posts.

I started this blog in September 2019. Even though a lot has changed since then, my blog has been the biggest constant in my life. Through all the fake friends, rumours, partners, homework, grades, exams, sexism and inequality, this blog has been there for me. It’s here to help me rant and rave and yell. […]

Making This School Year as Productive and Useful as Possible

Alternative Title: How To Make This School Year Your BITCH With school coming up next week in really great pixels and definition, these next two terms are going to be insanely important for year 11’s, 12’s and 13’s. As it’s teacher assessed grades, it’s super important to put 100% of your effort into each assignment, […]

18 Things I Love

It’s come to my attention that I’m not always exactly a positive person. And that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes you just need a bit of realism in your life. But after realising the fact I have two different posts about pet peeves of mine (yes, you read that correctly, two) and one more […]

Lockdown Loving: Coronavirus and Valentines

“Love is in the air…” You know what else is in the air? Coronavirus. This is the first ever time in my whole 16 years of existence that I will have a partner on valentines day. And, of course this is the first ever time in my whole 16 years of existence that I will […]

Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

I know, I know, this article should’ve been posted before 2021 started, not halfway through January!  I’ve just been kind of busy recently and I wanted to post this so I could officially move on from 2020 – for good.  I did have this article partially written up, all ready to be completed and published, I just… didn’t.  I […]

Lockdown 3: Staying Motivated (even though it’s super hard!)

They do always say third time’s the charm… Maybe we’ll finally knock out the virus this time? Only the second post of the year and it’s already gone to shit… yeesh. Since the excitement of staying at home wore off… almost a year ago, it’s super hard to stay positive during yet another national lockdown. […]

Self Love Goals for 2021

Hey, I haven’t seen you since last year! ahahahaaaa, not funny Dad joke out of the way… on with the article! Something which I began a few years ago, is instead of creating New Years resolutions, I create self love goals for each month. Each month helps me to focus on myself and bettering myself […]

A-Z of Unpopular Opinions

…because I didn’t think I could get controversial enough… just your regular feminist killjoy here spouting her unpopular opinions! please let me know if you agree with any of them, or even have any of your own! it’ll make me feel less lonely 🙂 Actions speak louder than words. Kindness should be shown, not spoken […]

my 2020 thank you’s

I like to count my blessings at this time of year, because I’m lucky for a lot of things and grateful for everything in my life, as rubbish as it feels at times. If you read my 2019 thank you, then any of my other posts, you’ll know that a lot has changed this year. […]

why i took a break… [general life update]

So… hey guys… It’s Tati… Hope you remember me! I’ve been logged off of Totally Tatiana for almost three months now, and I feel I should explain why to you guys. As you all know, I struggle a lot with my mental health as it is. I have crushingly low self esteem, I struggle with […]

✨Cute Things To Do This Festive Season✨

Firstly, I’m sorry for the extended, unexpected hiatus. I will be explaining that in due time, but I am safe, happy and healthy and I hope you gorgeous people are too! Now, on with the article! I love Christmas. The presents; the songs; the traditions; the food; the atmosphere, I love it all. Due to […]

My Blogiversary!

Today marks the iconic day in which Totally Tatiana was born. A year ago today, if someone had told me I was on the road to recovery and I was working harder than ever before, I honestly would’ve just laughed in their faces. However, I’ve grown and developed a lot over the space of a […]

My GCSE Results!

The morning of the 20th August 2020 will definitely go down as one of the most panic inducing mornings in history. Why? It was the day of my GCSE results. This year GCSE results were very different… for obvious reasons. The thing that stressed me out the most however, was the fact that we had […]

My Sixteenth Birthday!

Finally, after many months of waiting, I am sixteen! I feel like I’ve just levelled up in the game of life, or evolved as a Pokemon. My XP is heightened, and I have gained new skills and I am more powerful than before. Of course, all of that is total bs, but a girl can […]

Random Image Search

I have a lot of things on the agenda today, so I’m going to try go through them all as fast as I can but with enough detail. This article is a bit all over the place – as many of them have been this month – so allow it please! I’m splitting this post […]

Hard Lessons

As I’ve worked my way through secondary school, I’ve learnt plenty of things the hard way. But I think the hardest thing I’ve learnt is that life isn’t a fairy tale and some people are just evil. I like to see the best in people. However, people aren’t always great. When you’re younger, you’re told […]

A Letter to Past Me

I have actually already done an article like this! But, instead of writing to my Future Self, I have decided to write a letter to my past self, six years ago, when I was 10 years old. Look at me go, linking stuff together! Dear past Tati, You’re about to go into secondary school this year! […]

10 Random Songs

I’m almost positive that this will expose my bizarre music taste, but oh well! Please don’t judge me too much ~ I will explain the slightly more questionable songs, rest assured! 1. betty – Taylor Swift A wholesome song with a wholesome message with some not-so-wholesome words. Listen to folklore it’s amazing. 2. CALI SUPERBLOOM […]

Three Lessons I Want My Children To Learn From Me

I like this topic! It’s quite different but it’s a thinker and I’ve worked out exactly what I want my kids to learn. I don’t really want kids, but if I ever change my mind, this is what they need to know. I could have a few stupidly obvious things, but I’ve decided on three […]

My Three Celebrity Crushes

This is an interesting topic! I feel like it says a lot about me because I didn’t even really think about this post, I just thought of my top three celeb crushes and boom day 20 is all done! Simples! Paul Rudd I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man who has never aged in […]

GCSE Results – Why I’m Not Posting Properly Today

So, I’m not going to be writing an article today because I’ll either be celebrating or commiserating about the results for my GCSEs. I just wanted you all to know that. To anyone who’s getting results today, best of luck, I’m so proud of you! Back to normal tomorrow so I’ll see you then 🙂 […]

30 Facts About Me

I feel kind of bad because I’ve already done this post, except for 40 facts… But… I’m going to try think of another thirty anyway! Surely I’ll be able to think of some more… Well, here goes nothing! I have absolutely no piercings and I’m not planning on changing that anytime soon. However, I do […]

Am I a Vigilante Virgo?

Halfway through this challenge! It’s taking a lot longer than expected, but I don’t mind because I enjoy talking about myself 🙂 Today we’re talking about an interesting topic: star signs! As for my opinions surrounding astrology, I’m pretty on the fence about star signs. I find them fun and pretty interesting, but I don’t […]

The Best Days: Missing the Memories

First of all, it’s my brother’s birthday today, so yay him! Just reached double digits, and even though I can’t really post a photo of his face here, I’ve decided to turn him into Danny DeVito (my king) and put a photo of the king instead of my baby. Moving rather swiftly on from my […]

A Day In The Life Part Two

Today I need to bullet point my whole day. I had a really great day today (01/08/2020), and I can’t wait to share it with you! This is going to be a short and sweet article, so I’m sorry if you prefer my longer articles but I think this one needs to be short. 🙂 […]

Favourite Films

As you may know, I am a massive film junkie. Due to this, I obviously have my favourite films I constantly watch, over and over again. I’m here to share my top ten picks so I hope you enjoy it! I’m trying to keep my intros short and sweet this week so that you can […]

What I’m Excited About

I’m a very excitable person, and I always love thinking about the future. Due to the fact I can’t decide on one singular thing I’m excited about, I’ve decided to write about all the things I’m looking forward to. My Sixteenth Birthday. It’s super cool to be an August baby, but it does mean all […]

Five Blessings

I can already tell you right now that this article is going to be super cringe and corny. In order to make myself still appear “cool” and “edgy” – two words you would probably never actually associate with me – I have added a few memes just to kind of balance the cringe out with […]

What If… I Was A Man For The Day?

What if… I was a dude for the day? This is a question my friend and I… Who I shall call Sonic, ask each other loads. For context, Sonic identifies and a male and he wonders what it would be like to be a woman. We ask each other this loads, because we have ideas, […]

End Rape Culture and Victim Blaming!

Today I need to write about something I feel very strongly about. Of course, as I am a big activist and feminist, I have lots of topics to choose from, but the first one that came to mind was the problem with victim blaming and rape culture. Throughout this article, I am going to be […]

Words of Wisdom

I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to write as there are so many words of wisdom I could think of, so instead I have chosen a few of my all time favourite quotes and drop them here 🙂 I’m differing from normal articles at the moment and I’m really sorry if this isn’t your […]

Reacting To ‘folklore’ by Taylor Swift!

So I’m meant to be writing about something I struggle with, but mentally I’m doing better than normal and I really don’t want to write about things which make me sad because then I’ll be sad. Does that make sense? However, I don’t want to just throw you so I’ve decided to write about something […]

10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

I love music. You are all probably fully aware of this by now but I love music. It puts into words exactly how I’m feeling and it gives you a very catchy beat alongside it. When I found out I had to choose 10 songs I panicked because I love so many. However, I decided […]

Five Ways To Win My Heart

I am such a hopeless romantic. I completely blame Taylor Swift and Jim and Pam’s relationship in The Office for giving me unrealistic expectations of how amazing my future partner will be. Because of all this, when I saw that I was meant to write about five ways to win my heart, I instantly got […]

Five Places I Want To Visit

The world is a big place. Someday, I hope to explore it all. Until then, I wrote a little travelling bucket list of all the places I want to explore someday and I have, somehow, been able to condense that list down to five. New York. Someday I hope to live here, but until then, […]

Why Malala Yousafzai Inspires Me

For most of these articles, I need to think long and hard about my answer. However, this one came to my head without even really thinking. By far the person I look up to the most and who I hope I will meet someday is Malala Yousafzai. When I was around 10 or 11, the […]

Three Things That Grind My Gears (Pet Peeves Part Two)

Admittedly, I have done and article like this before. However, it is on the list and the previous one did get me a few new followers and likes… So, for purely popularity purposes, this is part two of my pet peeves! (If you want to see part one click here). FEET. I honestly don’t think […]

10 Things Which Make Me Really Happy

Hi there and welcome to day one of my 30 day writing challenge! Day one is a very sweet one: ten things that make me really happy. I like this because it doesn’t just make me happy, it makes me really happy. I thought about this for a while, and I think, finally, I have […]

Something Different…

As many of you know, August is my birth month. I’m planning on taking a little holiday from blogging, so I can focus on other aspects of my life. I’m starting sixth form in September, I’m trying to get a summer job, all in all, I want to get my head in the game. (woo […]

Saturday Nights

So, I’m single and I’m happy this way. I feel like you need to know this to understand the context of my story. Due to the fact I am a single lady, I spend Saturday nights alone. Even if it sounds incredibly depressing, I have come to look forward to these evenings as I feel […]

Random Things I’ve Been Doing During Lockdown

See, I vowed to stop writing lockdown articles because I feel like it just gets everyone down and that’s not good because I’m here to inspire, encourage and just help everyone to vibe! But, I felt like this was a rather light hearted article, so I caved and decided to write it. I hope you […]

becoming tatiana.

When I began this blog, I created a character of sorts. Her name was Tatiana and she was everything I wanted to be in life and more. A sarcastic voice of reason, Tati was an outspoken girl in a man’s world. She wasn’t simply an alter ego to me, she was the person that I […]

A Day In The Life

By popular request, I have decided to go the roots of democracy, and give the people what they have asked for: a day in my life! I’m not sure how this is going to work considering these are normally YouTube videos, not blog articles, but I’ll give it a go! In true YouTuber fashion, this […]

Black Lives Matter – Taking a Stand From Home

Once more, the world is in a state of political unrest. Alongside the virus, there are protests happening worldwide supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. If, like me, you are unable to go out and protest, I can assure you there are ways you can support the movement. Hopefully, if we all continue to unite […]

I’m a Feminist But… [Inspired by The Guilty Feminist Podcast]

Welcome to the second Feminist Friday! I have been inspired by the iconic The Guilty Feminist Podcast – the best feminist podcast I have ever listened to. I am huge fans of their episodes and you should definitely check them out. This blog article will be guilty confessions from a feminist who does sometimes to […]

Summertime Skincare Routine

My last skincare themed post got some really positive feedback and I had many people asking me to do a second one. So, as the weather is getting hot, hot, hot, I have decided to show you my skincare routine in summer as I’m always paranoid of my makeup becoming cakey or even just sweating […]

Social Media Detox

After my abusive boyfriend left me, I realised I needed to make some changes around my life.  In that relationship, I completely lost sight of who I was.  My whole life was surrounded by other people’s lives – their happiness, anguish and pain and I quickly began to feel those emotions alongside them.  I became […]

Why I’m a Feminist

Welcome to feminist Friday’s!  Where (almost) every Friday I talk about all thing’s female empowerment and equality!  This week I need everyone to know why I’m a feminist… I’m a feminist because I don’t want that baby to grow up with gender roles about how boys don’t cry. I’m a feminist because I don’t want […]

Voting Age – Tati Talks

Politics is shambles. You don’t really know what’s going on and neither do the leaders for about four years but then you blink and suddenly everyone’s having Brexit parties for some reason or another. There’s always some sort of non-political politics related scandal about an MP being a not-so-secret bigot or a US presidential candidate […]

The Future

Ever since I was younger, I’ve enjoyed having long-term goals for myself.  I felt they gave me a purpose and something to achieve.  Even though the goals have changed quite drastically (Mum, Dad I assure you I no longer wish to be a “Hula-Hula Girl” on the “Streets of Hawai-i-i” – whatever that was) my […]

May Faves

May. For me, the month of besties birthdays; warm weather; switching sweaters for shorts and just feeling overall calm and relaxed. May is an amazing month, so I’m here to show you what I’m in love with this month! 1. BoJack Horseman I started this show last week Thursday, and now I’m about 10 episodes […]

What I Wish I Knew Before GCSEs

If GCSEs were still going ahead, today I would have had my first official GCSE.  If they were still going ahead, I would have published this article at the end my exams.  However, as that’s not happening, no time like the present! Since I chose my GCSE options, I have had many times where I […]

Comedy Shows That You Really Should Be Watching Right Now

My friends and I love a good bingeable comedy series.  So, when I asked them about series’ that they’d recommend to my beautiful fans, they all gave me at least one comedy show, or a hybrid-genre [GCSE Media student here oops] which also includes another element that takes their fancy.  I am now here to […]

Iconic Films That Pass the Bechdel Test

In short, an amazing cartoonist named Alison Bechdel created a criterion to show representation of women in films.  The criteria is quite simple: A movie that has at least two women in it who talk to each other, about something other than a man. At first, I thought that finding films which follow this would […]

Why I Love the Colour Yellow

At school, I am known as the “yellow girl”.  I have a friend in a younger year at school who dubbed me that whenever she forgot my name and it’s stuck.  It’s a nice name, a lot better than other ones I’ve been called I can tell you that!  But not many people know why […]

Ethnicity and My Identity

This is definitely the most taboo subject I’ve written about.  I have been working on this post since February and I’ve been editing, deleting, rewriting, and considering this article.  Finally, I mustered up the courage to post it.  Here goes nothing! DISCLAIMER: This is in no way to diminish anyone else’s experiences; I am simply […]

Best Thing

There are lots of things which haven’t been the best recently.  However, some things have been amazing. Getting to watch the sun set and being able to go outside and see the stars. Spending time with my family and reconnecting with them after a long time of tension and mistrust. Gaining confidence and nursing myself […]

Movies to Watch During Lockdown

Since Lockdown has begun, I’ve had a lot of free time.  Particularly in the evenings and mornings where I would be revising for my GCSE’s, I have nothing to do.  Recently, I’ve been finding films on Netflix and Sky Cinema, and watching them.  As I really enjoy reviewing things, I’ve decided to update this article […]

What I’m Doing During Lockdown

I normally wake up at around 9:00am and when I say I wake up; I mean my Mum wakes me up.  I chat to her for a while about some crazy dream I had and then she finally manages to coax me out of bed, and by coax, I mean she gets my little brother […]

when you hit rock bottom

When you hit rock bottom, you feel like you’re underwater Fighting for your way out, Struggling to breathe Wondering if you will survive. There’s an anchor attached to you, making it impossible to leave even though you know if you stay here any longer, you’ll surely harm yourself. All of a sudden, a lifeboat is […]

A-Z of Secondary School

All I seem to be posting about at the moment is school.  It’s probably a psychological cry for help because I miss it so much.  I don’t really know what to do with myself so I compiled an entire alphabet so you can be prepared for secondary school.  I had so much free time, I […]

My Year 11

Of course, I was prepared to do this article in June/July but then everything went slightly pear-shaped and now I’m somehow out of year eleven in March.  ¾ of the way done, without any GCSE’s on my CV.  Yikes.  Anyway, I could moan and groan and complain but I’m not going to do that because […]

Teachers We’ve All Had

I was in the mood for some light-hearted article today and I was thinking about how I’m leaving secondary school soon.  I was racking my brains to make a quirky, original post about school, which year 11’s will find relatable.  What did I come up with instead?  A post about stereotypical teachers I’m pretty sure […]

i miss you.

i miss when we messed around i miss when i made you proud i miss when i was yours i miss you. no. I don’t miss you hitting me and you calling it “Messing Around” I don’t miss when I changed every single thing about myself to make you “Proud” I don’t miss being “your” […]

Bristol and Book of Mormon

As a reward for getting through my mock GCSEs, (which I passed ¾ of if anyone was wondering) my dad was a total angel who bought me and a friend tickets to go see my favourite musical – The Book of Mormon in the Bristol Hippodrome.  Fun fact about me, this was my third time […]

Kaiser Chiefs

On the 1st February 2020, my Mum, my longest known friend and I all went and saw the Kaiser Chiefs on their Duck tour in the O2 Arena – London. It was an amazing experience and I want to share some photos I took with you.

40 Facts About Me

Today, I am here, breaking out of my hiatus to let you know all about me. This way you will truly see Totally Tatiana the way that some of my blog articles won’t present me as. Let’s do this! 1) I love the colour yellow 2) I’m a hopeless romantic – I honestly think it’s […]

Disney Princesses

I won’t lie to you; I feel as though Disney princesses have a bad rep.  I’ve heard so many people talk about how they’re enforcing stereotypes to young girls and, even though this is true to some extent, I’ve found many people overlooking exactly what Disney Princesses stand for.  When I was younger, I often […]


Our rainforests are getting cut down, soon there will be nothing. Our icecaps are melting down, soon there will be nothing. Our species are dying, soon their will be nothing. Our crops are not reproducing, soon that will be nothing. Our planet is getting hotter, soon there will be nothing. We could all die sooner […]

My Thoughts on Jojo Rabbit

I have never found a movie which could make me laugh at one moment and cry the next with the click of a pistol before Jojo Rabbit.  This incredible film follows 10-year-old Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) in Nazi Germany towards the end of World War Two who lives with his Mother – Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) […]


Fun facts about clothes for you today!  I’m doing my mocks for the next few weeks, so I quickly bashed this one out so sorry if it seems rushed.  I’ll be back to normal programming soon and I may delete this so don’t be surprised.  After this I’ll most likely break until the end of […]


I’m a massive bookworm.  I’ve been registered at my local library since I could understand what words meant.  I remember going and getting out books when I first learnt to read, talking to the lovely librarians who worked there – who have since seen me grow into who I am today.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen […]

I’ve Got This

He may have been strong But I am stronger. He may have been tough But I am tougher. He may have been smart But I am smarter. He may have thought he ruined my life But he was wrong.  Now I’m stronger, smarter and tougher. If I could get through him, I’m stronger than 10 […]

Thank You.

If you read my post about 2019, you’ll know this year was insane.  I lost a few people but gained so many more, I overcame things I never thought I’d be able to, and all in all, I am a bloody warrior now who doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  Of course, I wouldn’t be where […]

Skin Care Products I Swear By!

I’m a teenager with bad skin.  So, I’m a normal teen in that sense.  But, spots suck, oily skin makes me outraged and dry skin feels like the human embodiment of death.  Don’t even get me started on that chapped lip crap!  But fear not!  For I have some products which I adore that hopefully […]

Questions a Feminist Gets Asked

So, if you haven’t realised by now, I’m a massive feminist.  I believe massively in equality for all and as Karen Smith says in Mean Girls the Musical “I expect to run the world in shoes I cannot walk in.”  I’m also not afraid to let others know what I believe in.  Although people are […]

To Be Opened Ten Years From Now… A Letter to My Future Self

To older Tatiana, So, you made it!  You’ll be 25 now, probably too busy to read a letter from your past self, but I think you should read it anyway.  As I am writing this, 2019 is coming to a close.  You somehow made it out – albeit with a few scratches and cuts, bruises […]

Yellow and Blue

Yellow is bright. Yellow is bold. Yellow doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Blue is dimmer. Blue is bold – but only when allowed to be, otherwise Blue could get hurt. Yellow is confident. Yellow is someone who you can turn to when you need help. Blue is shy, Blue is confident once you two […]

52 Date Ideas

52 Dates – That’s one for each week in a year! Romance in 365 days? Here we go! Winter: Idea One: Go on a walk and see the Christmas lights! (come back home afterwards and have some hot chocolate) Idea Two: Go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park – it’s gorgeous there and I haven’t […]

My Thoughts On Wicked the Musical

If you don’t know me, I am a massive musical nerd.  I love musicals – particularly Book of Mormon, Heather’s, Mean Girls the Musical, Kinky Boots and Six to name a few!  So, when I learnt there was going to be a school trip to see Wicked, I lost my mind.  Going to see a […]

My 2019

I never really saw the point in reflecting on things – the past is in the past and I found it best to keep it that way.  But this year was such an emotional rollercoaster, I think it’s only fair to reflect, reminisce and learn from 2019.  It’s also a perfect way to wave the […]

Feminist Playlist

This has been highly requested, it took a while, but we have it now!  I’ve compiled a playlist of 23 songs which my Instagram followers and I class as “Feminist Anthems” I have no doubt this playlist will grow as time goes on but below are 23 songs we all thought gave us that fighting […]

Mental Health Check – How I’m Doing

This is another mental health awareness post.  This time I’m here to show you how my life has been recently, kind of like a general update so you know why my posts have been so sporadic recently.  It’s a relatively personal post but that’s not too different to usual.  As always, my life has been […]

Totally Tati’s Top Ten Revision Tips

First of all, yes. Yes I did choose this title just because alliteration. That’s what you have to deal with when you decided to come on my website – which now has its own domain name! My Dad got it for me as an early Christmas present so thank you Dadddd xx Anyway, I’m back! […]

You are enough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. You are such a talented and creative writer. For someone your age this is just wow. I love reading your blog. It has kept me going especially during lockdown. I would totally like to share ideas with you.

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