10 Random Songs

I’m almost positive that this will expose my bizarre music taste, but oh well! Please don’t judge me too much ~ I will explain the slightly more questionable songs, rest assured!

1. betty – Taylor Swift

A wholesome song with a wholesome message with some not-so-wholesome words. Listen to folklore it’s amazing.

2. CALI SUPERBLOOM – push baby

I love push baby sO MUCH. There songs are perfect as you can both vibe and relate to them and the music video for this song… *mwah* magnifique

3. Don’t Just Stand There Do Something – Kaiser Chiefs

No explanation needed 😜

4. London Boy – Taylor Swift

Okay, maybe, just maybe I have an obsession with a certain pop goddess, but can you really blame me?!

5. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Just thinking about this song makes me casually bop my head up and down, of course it’s on my phone!

6. Mamma Mia – ABBA

I am aware I have an eclectic taste in tunes. Doesn’t mean I can’t love ABBA!

7. Land of Lola – Kinky Boots

I’m a Performing Arts student who dreams of playing Lauren in Kinky Boots, did you really expect anything else?!

8. Killer Queen – Queen

Honestly, unpopular opinion, my all time favourite Queen song. I love the historical links and mmm it’s catchy. Don’t forget the harmonies!! Whenever I listen to the “she’ll absolutely drive you wi-ild” part, I’m almost certain that part of my soul goes to heaven.

9. Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

What a bop. That’s all.

10. She’s So Lovely – Scouting For Girls

Awee my childhood!! I used to sing this song all the time! I still love Scouting For Girls now so it’s nice that nothing has changed 🙂 Old habits die hard, what can I say? And good bands never die, this band is no exception!

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I love you all, thank you for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂


Favourite Films

As you may know, I am a massive film junkie. Due to this, I obviously have my favourite films I constantly watch, over and over again. I’m here to share my top ten picks so I hope you enjoy it! I’m trying to keep my intros short and sweet this week so that you can focus more on the content at hand. If you prefer my longer, more personal introductions, I can go back to my usual programming if needs be 🙂

  1. Clueless
  2. The Princess and the Frog
  3. Game Night
  4. El Camino
  5. Hercules
  6. Shawshank Redemption
  7. Birds of Prey
  8. Beetlejuice
  9. The Orphan
  10. Toy Story (all of them!)
  1. Clueless

I will never shut up about how much I love this movie. It came out 10 years before I was even born, but even though it’s just reached its 25th anniversary, I still find this film iconic and hilarious.

2. The Princess and the Frog

Not only are the songs catchy and really good, this movie is magical in more ways than one. The character’s are iconic and the storyline rings true with a feminist perspective: the harder you work, the more you achive.

3. Game Night

Since this film came out, I’ve watched it every time I’m at home sick. I love all the actors and actresses too and no matter how many times I watch it I always laugh until my cheeks hurt.

4. El Camino

I absolutely love the Breaking Bad franchise, so when I found out that El Camino was coming out I was super excited about it. After finally watching it, I was obsessed. All my favourite character’s are in it and there are some truly heartfelt moments and I can’t help but love it.

5. Hercules

I watch this film almost all the time with my brother, meaning I have all these heart-warming memories whenever I watch this movie. I also adore the Greek Chorus – honestly all I need is my life to be commentated by them. And Megara is amazing so bonus points for that boss-ass bitch.

6. The Shawshank Redemption

This is definitely a must-watch-movie. The storyline is so original and well thought out, but also just so fascinating, shining a light on prison abuse, how hard it is to rehabilitate once you’ve left prison, and other social issues which are so important. A timeless classic with amazing twists.

7. Birds of Prey

A brilliant “get-over-that-scumbag” film, a great film about feminism, fighting, fearlessness and showing how amazing you can be on your own. This is the third time talking about this film on my blog alone, so you know I love it!

8. Beetlejuice

Yet another one I watched with my brother. A very original concept you have to watch. Also Betelgeuse’s suit us pretty iconic. Of course, it is a little bit confusing at times but the SFX are so cool!

9. The Orphan

My all time favourite horror movie. A psychological thriller which will constantly keep you on the edge of your seats. It’s the definition of expect the unexpected and I’m watching it right now!

10. Toy Story (yes, all of them)

By far one of the greatest, most heart warming/wrenching film franchises in the world. Even though the first two movies came out before I was born, I have watched them all religiously, and I can recite each and every film word for word.

Reacting To ‘folklore’ by Taylor Swift!

So I’m meant to be writing about something I struggle with, but mentally I’m doing better than normal and I really don’t want to write about things which make me sad because then I’ll be sad. Does that make sense?

However, I don’t want to just throw you so I’ve decided to write about something else.

By the time this comes out, Taylor Swift’s folklore album will be out officially. I’m in love with this album so I’ve decided to review the album as a whole and share my honest thoughts and feelings.

This is a bit different so please let me know if you enjoy it and I’ll write more like this.

First Thoughts

When I first listened to this album, all I could think about was how calming yet relatable all the songs where. It pays homage to lots of Swift’s early songs where she just played an acoustic guitar. I like how all the albums are in black and white because it just reinforces the aesthetic style she’s showing here. Also the fact she wrote an entire album during lockdown puts us all to shame. All I’ve really done is watch a load of Netflix. (I was trying to think about other things but that’s pretty much it… oops).

There are sixteen songs on this album so I’m going to try go into each of them and my thoughts on them.

Track listing and Thoughts

  1. the 1 – the melody is amazing and the lyrics are so raw and I just think it’s so catchy in a perfect way.
  2. cardigan – Honestly my favourite song of the whole album. It’s the perfect amount of angst and the lyrics and melody combined is perfectly haunting.
  3. the last great american dynasty – so quirky and slightly upbeat and based on a true story. Rolling Stone did a full article about the backstory which is a really fascinating read and talks about the songs star, Rebekah Harkness and Easter eggs you may have missed. Check that out here.
  4. exile – truthfully, not my favourite song. However, Bon Iver’s and Taylor Swift’s voices together is the most gorgeous thing I think I have ever heard. Personally, I find it slightly too slow but the lyrics hit home.
  5. my tears ricochet – a gorgeous song yet again, with ever-current and relatable lyrics.
  6. mirrorball – being brutally honest here, I find this a relatively skippable song out of all of them. The high notes may give me chills, but, it’s honestly a pretty forgettable song.
  7. seven – strong lullaby vibes from this song. A perfect mix of her old songs and her more recent work but somehow still sounding new and fresh.
  8. august – a calming song with a fascinating chorus with a plethora of notes. It’s also called August which I think is super cute because eeeyyyy birthdayyyy
  9. this is me trying – lyrics which as much as I don’t want to admit, I really relate to. Each of the lyrics make me go “eek, that’s me” and I love it.
  10. illicit affairs – I don’t really have much to say about this song except I adore it, her voice my G O D and the way she says “illicit affairs and clandestine meetings” does something to my heart.
  11. invisible string – The guitar is amazingly simplistic but it works so well. The whole song is just her life and I love how it flows. Also, the colour hints and subtle hints to her other songs, I see what you’re doing Taylor!
  12. mad woman – Yet another total banger of a song. Swift has an incredible talent for writing true feminist anthems. It talks a lot about how domestic abuse victims can be seen as a “crazy ex” which really hits home and makes me feel as though I’m less alone.
  13. epiphany – a song to just close your eyes and really listen to. I don’t have much to say about this song except I can’t help but listen to it over and over.
  14. betty – there is a harmonica at the start, then throughout the song it’s amazing. This entire song takes me back to all the fights I had with friends and how differently they could turn out. It reminds me of a modern twist of Fifteen and I think it’s genius. Another firm favourite for sure.
  15. peace – honestly nothing to monumental. It sounds lovely but it’s not one which makes me go woah
  16. hoax – a strong finish to a strong album. Nothing like anything she’s done before, it seems very fragile but also hard hitting and it’s just a great listen.

Parting Thoughts

Overall, I love this album. I think it’s a work of pure passion and you can tell it’s just emotions layered over each other. However, I do love her fast-paced songs and I can’t help but yearn for more of that. It’s a very chilled album and I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to it while I revise and complete schoolwork.

Considering the fact she just casually made this album so we have something to listen and relate to is amazing and it just shows how amazing she is. The order of the songs is genius too, if you don’t understand, look at the track listing and the song titles and you’ll appreciate it.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know if you want to see more like this! I love reviewing things and I’ve never reviewed an album before, so let me know if you want more like this!

Love you all, Tati xx

10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

I love music. You are all probably fully aware of this by now but I love music. It puts into words exactly how I’m feeling and it gives you a very catchy beat alongside it. When I found out I had to choose 10 songs I panicked because I love so many. However, I decided to just follow my gut instincts and pick the first 10 songs which come to mind. I’ve also made a playlist of the songs here if you want to check them out!

  1. Daylight by Taylor Swift

The best way to describe this song is by saying that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It hits so close to home with every single lyric and I just think it’s such a gorgeous way to end an album. The subtle links to her other albums is such a genius touch. My favourite song off Lover by far. It’s also so fun to sing and play ukulele too as it’s all in my range!

Fave Lyric: Step into the daylight and let it go.

2. Thor by push baby

This banger ticks all the boxes for me. Catchy? check. Great lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to? Check. The rhythm and instruments are so unique your ears feel like you’re going on a journey? Check. This song helped me get through a break up because it made me feel less alone as someone else felt the had felt the same emotions and had gotten better.

Fave Lyric: And anyone close to me gets hurt the most, I’m my very own nemesis

3. Let It Go by The Neighbourhood

I remember first listening to this song because it was in one of my favourite books: Playlist For The Dead, and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with The NBHD. They appealed to my inner angst and this song and the music video is a complete masterpiece, absolutely genius.

Fave Lyric: Let it struggle just a little bit more, let it struggle just a little bit more.


My guilty pleasure song. A few years back I was introduced to XXXTENTACION and, even though I would never admit it, some of his songs were really catchy. The lyrics are brooding and mysterious and the melody is super good. It’s not really my style as I feel like X’s music is more rElAtABle tEeN mUsiC but this particular song is really good.

Fave Lyric: I honestly don’t know bruh, pffft

5. Kiwi by Harry Styles

As soon as I hear the “she works her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes”, I instantly gasp and a massive grin spreads across my face. This happens every single time I listen to this song without fail. It’s such a catchy song and you can’t help but dance along to it and I always scream the lyrics. The ultimate hype song here.

Fave Lyric: Driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it,
I’m kinda into it

6. Medication by YUNGBLUD

The most painfully British phrases in a banger of an anthem. YUNGBLUD is a Northern God and the music is the perfect amount of edgy and catchy. His fashion sense is to die for too.

7. cardigan by Taylor Swift

This song came out on the 24th of July and I listened to it five minutes ago. (It’s currently the 26th). I am obsessed. I get slight Melanie Martinez vibes whenever I listen to this song and I love it. This new album of hers is honestly amazing and this is my favourite at the moment.

Fave Lyric: When you are young they assume you know nothing.

8. B by Todrick Hall

The ultimate bye-bye bitch song. When this song first came out I was obsessed and now, two years later I’m still obsessed. It’s a great hype song and it gets me hyped and feeling truly bad-ass. Also the wigs that Todrick wears are to die for – they look absolutely perfect, not a hair out of place and the drag is amazing too.

Fave Lyric: Hope you happy with Melania cuz’ you lost Michelle Obama

9. Everyday I Love You Less and Less by Kaiser Chiefs

A song I grew up listening to and I still love it now. This song is a part of who I am and I have been known to yell the lyrics of this song for no real reason other than I just can.

Fave Lyric: Oh yes, I’m stressed, I’m sorry I digress

10. One More Night by Maroon 5

An innuendo filled song with a really great rhythm. Maroon 5’s old stuff was amazing and this is absolute proof of that, no questions asked. I feel like there’s not much more I can say other than, this song is amazing.

Fave Lyric: And now I’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you

There you have it! Ten absolutly amazing songs which I really recomend. What are your favourite songs? Let me know because I’d love to listen to your suggestions. Thank you so much for reading, I appriciate and love you.

Hugs, Tati xx

Why Taylor Swift Is The Definition of a Fearless Leader and an Alpha Type

Taylor Swift’s Lover album shows she’s determined to ...

Once upon a time, I was around my friend’s house and we were being ten-year-olds, messing around.  My friend said there was a song a singer had released, and I had to listen to it.  She said it was by Taylor Swift.  Of course, I’d heard of the Miss Americana singer before, but I’d never watched her music videos.  My friend showed me the iconic Blank Space music video and ever since then I was a Swiftie.

A few months later, I was in Bristol with my family and we were at the shopping mall Cribbs Causeway and I found the 1989 Album.  My Dad caved and bought me the album and that was when my obsession began.

It’s not just because Taylor Swift is a good singer, she’s an amazing person too and through her actions and listening to her music which made me a stronger person when I needed to be.  Two particular events she helped me through were life changing and no matter what happens, I know her music will be there to help me and raise me up when I really need it.

The first thing was the DJ David Muller V Taylor Swift groping trial.  If you are unaware of this, long story short, Muller groped Swift at a meet and greet, and, after Swift spoke to his employees (KYGO) he was fired.  This happened in 2013 and it finally got sorted out in 2017 – when I began getting assaulted.  Hearing about how confidently Swift spoke about in the trial and how she managed to win the case for just $1 changed my way of thinking entirely and made me realise what this particular person was doing to me was not okay.  Listening to her music made me realise that all the things that my abuser was tearing me down about were completely insane and that, for once in my life, I felt normal and accepted.  When Reputation came out, my “friends” hated it, but I adored it.  All the songs resonated with me in such a way and made me begin to accept myself.  The lyrics were all about backstabbers and people pretending to be something they’re not and those few people who are there for you are gorgeous and amazing.  Whenever I need a little pick-me-up I always blast Reputation and dramatically sing along to Look What You Made Me Do, Getaway Car and This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – it’s very cathartic and I always leave me room feeling like a total boss-ass-bitch – which I am!

The second time Taylor Swift supported me through songs was with my breakup with my abusive boyfriend.  That break up hit me hard, but through some of her iconic songs and (some underrated songs) I realised that “I would find someone someday who might actually treat me well”.  Not only did they help me get over this guy, but they also made me feel more confident in myself and I’ll never forget the days I just spent belting out Taylor Swift lyrics until I felt that I was “finally clean”.

All in all, Taylor Swift is one of my biggest inspirations of all time and everything she does is honestly iconic.  From the #drunktaylor memes circulating Twitter, to her just casually donating to amazing charities just because she wants to, to her loving relationship with her mother, to her being so brutally honest in her documentary Miss Americana.  No matter what your opinions are on her, I feel we can all agree she is an icon, legend and star.

Comedy Shows That You Really Should Be Watching Right Now

My friends and I love a good bingeable comedy series.  So, when I asked them about series’ that they’d recommend to my beautiful fans, they all gave me at least one comedy show, or a hybrid-genre [GCSE Media student here oops] which also includes another element that takes their fancy.  I am now here to give you an extensive list, given to you by Tatiana & Co. 

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t watched all these programmes yet, but I’ve researched them, and my friends have impeccably good taste, so my trust does fall quite heavily with them.  Now, on with the list!

Available on Channel 4, NBC, FOX, and Netflix

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A modern hit my friends and I adore; you can look inside the fictional 99th Brooklyn Precinct New York Police Department and see what hilarious chaos ensues.  This precinct is overlooked by the marvellously monosyllabic Captain Raymond Holt, who must almost babysit the genius detectives which make up this NYPD Squad.  Not only does this show give you an instant pick-me-up and leave you laughing so much, it also goes against many stereotypes and shows how even if the odds are stacked against you, you can overcome them and achieve great things.  An overall storyline which is filled with character growth and development, I can promise you won’t be disappointed!

Available on FOX, Channel 4, and Sky

The Simpsons: I’m sure I don’t need to explain this show to you.  It’s a global phenomenon and sometimes I watch it with my little brother.  I must admit though, instead of watching Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s, why not watch this instead?  It passes the time and is just as chaotic!  This show also has Blondie’s seal of approval.

Available on Netflix, Hulu and E4

Rick and Morty: This chaotic cult classic is one I will be quoting for decades to come!  A seemingly average American dysfunctional family, with satirical stereotypes of an unemployed Dad, an insane teenage sister, borderline alcoholic mom, and an anxious teenage boy, this show surely makes for a perfect family friendly show… right?  Well…  not exactly.  This animated hit follows the adventures of Morty, a paranoid teenager and slightly crazed drunk scientist Rick, who is practically the smartest man in the universe who also happens to be Morty’s grandfather.  Following?  Yeah, me neither.  However, this show is funny, and I love watching it when I need to relax and (literally) explore the different universes the show has to offer.  Sci-fi like you’ve never seen it before.

Available on CBS, CTV, E4, Channel 4, cbs.com, tv.com and Netflix

Big Bang Theory: Yet another classic which seems like Friends but is so much nerdier and dorkier… it’s very accurate to me and my friends!  Filmed in front of a live studio audience, this American Sitcom follows the life of physicists, a waitress, an aerospace engineer, an astrophysicist, neuroscientist, a microbiologist, and a comic-bookstore owner.  Winner of seven Emmy Awards, you can’t live your life without watching at least one episode of this iconic show.

Available on NBC, WGN America, Nick@Nite, Disney XD, ABC Family, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, 5Star and Netflix

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: If you have gone through your life without having the pleasure of listening to the opening credits, allow Will Smith to do the honours…

A funny show with heart-warming messages, this show is perfect no matter your age.

Available only on Netflix

Big Mouth: Yet another chaotic animated cult classic, big mouth follows the life of a handful of American seventh graders who are exploring being a teenager.  Yet another crude comedy, it’s a perfect pick-me-up.

Available on Sky Comedy, CBS, iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

Everybody Hates Chris: I love this show! Following the misadventures of Chris Rock as a teen. This show is the perfect mix of chaotic, crazy, funny and super sweet and heartwarming. Strongly recommend it to anyone and everyone! My Mum recommended it to me so I am passing on her wisdom!

Available on Netflix

After Life: From the mind of Ricky Gervais, this incredibly heartwarming show was formed. Following the life of a mam mourning the loss of his wife by acting horribly to everyone. A brutally honest insight into the mourning process and how we deal with pain and loss. A true British comedy with all our chaotic words and people.

Available only on Sky

Moone Boy: The best way of describing this show is as following: Imagine what Everybody Hates Chris would be like if they were Irish… and they had Chris O’Dowd as an imaginary friend. Yet another firm favourite in the Tati household as my Mum and I love it! Perfect for fans of The IT Crowd and The Young Offenders or, if you’re a fan of this then watch those two! Boom, three for the price of one – a Tati triple!(buh-dum-tssss)

Available on Comedy Central and Hulu

The U.S Office: Finally, I had to end on my favourite! Another one I quote on the daily, based off of the UK version with the same name. A mockumentary following peoples lives at a paper company. If you liked the British version and feel like you’re betraying Ricky Gervais, don’t worry! He was executive producer for this iconic show! I’m going to leave you with this fact which brings this post round a full circle: one of the producers – Michael Schur – also produced Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Movies to Watch During Lockdown

Since Lockdown has begun, I’ve had a lot of free time.  Particularly in the evenings and mornings where I would be revising for my GCSE’s, I have nothing to do.  Recently, I’ve been finding films on Netflix and Sky Cinema, and watching them.  As I really enjoy reviewing things, I’ve decided to update this article after I watch a film.  My taste in films is very… broad.  By that I mean in the morning I could be watching a light-hearted rom com, but then by the evening I’ll watch a spine-tingling horror film, guaranteed to give the bravest person nightmares for months.  As I consider myself a slight movie-buff now, I’ve decided to share every film I watch and give them honest, to the point reviews.  This way, I hope I can give you helpful recommendations.

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall                         ★★★★✩

Star-spangled cast, lovely message which honestly made me wish I watched the film sooner!  Only downside is, at some points it’s very crude.  A feel-good comedy about finding your way after getting beaten down.

  • That’s My Boy                                               ★★★☆☆

An original storyline and an iconic cast.  The biggest downside of this film is they glamorise a teacher and student relationship.  If you get past all the dodgy stuff, it’s a very heartfelt film full of plot twists!

  • Wolf of Wall Street                                   ★★☆☆☆

Honestly, I spent this three-hour long film slightly confused.  It was a cool concept and I liked the overall message, there was just a lot of sex, drugs, drugs with sex and sex with drugs. 

  • Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels         ★★★★★

OH, MY WORD THIS FILM.  It’s amazing and so funny and I’ve been quoting it since I watched it.  Full of plot twists and you can’t help but love all the characters – as insane as they are.

  • Jaws                                                                 ★★★★☆

It’s an iconic film and I loved watching it.  I really recommend it.  The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because the ending is very underwhelming. 

  • Grown Ups                                                 ★★☆☆☆

Cute film, just slightly dull and predictable.

  • Shawshank Redemption                           ★★★★★

Complete cinematographic perfection.  Amazing storyline, amazing casting, amazing filming.  You have to watch this film.

I’ll be updating this article whenever I watch a new film.  I hope this helps you find some good things to watch during this bizarre time.

Bristol and Book of Mormon

As a reward for getting through my mock GCSEs, (which I passed ¾ of if anyone was wondering) my dad was a total angel who bought me and a friend tickets to go see my favourite musical – The Book of Mormon in the Bristol Hippodrome.  Fun fact about me, this was my third time in the Bristol Hippodrome – My first going to watch Joseph and the Technicolour Dream coat (the musical which got me into musicals) with my Dad when I was around 8.  And the second was watching The Lion King with my Mum and Brother last year.  This was my second time watching the musical so I was ecstatic and even more so because I got to see it with one of my best friends – who we shall call Bunny (as in Bunny from Toy Story 4).  The musical was created by the creators of South Park which is something Bunny loves.

For those of you who don’t know, The Book of Mormon is a musical following two seemingly devout Mormon’s as they travel to Uganda on their mission – persuading people to convert their religion to Mormonism.  What they are not aware of is the fact that no-one in Uganda has successfully been baptised as a Mormon.  With undertones throughout this seemingly satire musical which make you think about how we treat others, the world around us and what we all believe in, I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a dark and dirty sense of humour or anyone who isn’t a big fan of musicals.  This musical seems to simultaneously mock and raise awareness about the worlds issues while spreading a valuable message of acceptance and peace.

from broadwaybox.com

As the performance I was seeing was an evening one, Bunny and I decided to spend the whole day in Bristol, walking around, trying not to get lost, sightseeing, shopping and tasting what Bristol has to offer.  It was a lovely day out and I will look at it fondly in years to come.

We started our day by walking to College Green, taking photos of Bristol Cathedral in the sunlight along the way.  I can’t help but explain to you how gorgeous the cathedral looked as the sun shone down onto the reflecting pavement where it had recently rained, bringing about an air of magic.  Bunny then began to talk about how he wanted to have some bubble tea for breakfast, so we went on the hunt, finding a small business called Cupp where they had the most delicious Bubble tea I have ever tasted.  The café is quite central as it is only a few seconds away from the Bristol Museum, but it was relatively quiet.  The lady who made our drinks was so lovely, kind and patient and the entire café was very eco-friendly and sustainable, and I will be going again.

After a while, we got cold so we decided to go on a walk to Cabot Circus so we could go present shopping.  Bunny needed to get a valentine present for his lovely girlfriend and a birthday present for a fab friend of his.  We went along our own merry way, stopping off to play Pokémon Go (Bunny, not me), buy energy drinks (Bunny), get Burger King (also Bunny) and go to an arcade (also Bunny!).  By the time we finally got to Cabot Circus, we decided to have a short look around for ourselves before present shopping.

Once we’d bought all the things we needed and played enough Pokémon to last me a lifetime, we made a slow mosey down to our reservation at Zaza’s Bazar.  Zaza’s is an around the world buffet place which I love because it’s one of the few restaurants’ which doesn’t give me panic attacks and it has such a vast array of food which I fill my boots with.  After we’d both had our fair share of dumplings, pizza, nachos, smarties and so much more – we left feeling satisfied and full.

After a long day of walking, shopping and eating, we went to the Bristol Hippodrome, ready to watch the Musical That’ll Change Your Life.  As we were watching, I honestly felt all my problems melt away as I got immersed into the superb storyline.  The vocals were all so amazing and each witty joke was perfectly timed, adding to the performance in a way the performers only can.  The costumes and set were also equally stunning, and I felt like I was getting transported from place to place.  I laughed with the characters, cried with the characters and gasped along with the audience whenever the characters made a risqué joke (It’s not a very kid-friendly musical to say the least).  Once it was over, I wished I could watch it again. 

At the end of the performance, we waited by the stage door and managed to see the amazing actors and actresses who played Elder Price, Elder McGinley and Nabalyungi.

In conclusion, it was an amazing day out and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Thank you so much to my Dad for buying me the tickets, even though I scarred you after taking you to see it beforehand.  And, thank you Bunny for letting me drag you to Bristol while there was a storm going on and making you see my favourite musical.  Love you both xx

My Thoughts on Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

On Valentine’s day my friends and I all decided to go watch Birds of Prey together as we had previously been blown away by Joker.  The four of us are painfully single which we are all okay with and it was super lovely to just watch a film and not have to worry about impressing someone because you’re just with people you can be yourself with.  We all had a lot of fun and I realised how happy I am to be in a friendship group who just likes me for me – something I was always so desperately looking for which was just magically given to me.

This was mine and my two friends first time watching the film but my GBF’s (girl best friend) – who we shall call Blondie – had watched it once before.  She’s also a massive Harley Quinn fan so to say I feel slightly underqualified to write this review is an understatement.  But, as I always do, I will give it my best shot and we’ll see what happens!

From the get-go, this such an empowering feminist film.  It gives proof that you don’t need a man to protect you, fight your battles or to give you meaning in life.  I feel like every girl can relate to at least one of these characters: whether that be the bad-ass Harley Quinn who even though made some very bad choices in the past, is slowly learning from her mistakes and trying to become a better person and be more strong minded and free and not let a man control her life.  Or maybe you relate more to the Huntress, an equally bad-ass vigilante who wishes to protect and avenge.  What about the Black Canary who is quick, slick and won’t take anyone’s s*** (I’m sorry, it rhymed, and I got excited.)?  Perhaps you understand Renee Montoya – the killer cop who’s constantly in the shadow of men – on a spiritual level?  Maybe you just love Cassandra Cain, a troubled young pickpocket who is accidentally thrown into the lives of all three women when she swallows a valuable diamond.  Whoever you relate to, there’s no denying each of these characters develop themselves immensely throughout the film.

The action sequences follow the footsteps of Jackie Chan and John Wick, but with an added essence of Margot Robbie which is simply unbeatable.  You’ll be holding your breath every montage you watch which includes Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey.  The costumes are amazing, and I must admit I long to wear some of the things that only Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell could pull off.

However, I must say the plot can be slightly confusing at times and despite all the loose ends being tied up, it did feel as though it dragged on at points.

All in all, this is an amazing movie, as long as you’re either a DC fan or a fan of action movies.  But, it can still be enjoyed if you love fearless females, it just helps to at least appreciate the genres of action and fantasy/dystopian films.