The Best Days: Missing the Memories

First of all, it’s my brother’s birthday today, so yay him! Just reached double digits, and even though I can’t really post a photo of his face here, I’ve decided to turn him into Danny DeVito (my king) and put a photo of the king instead of my baby.

I’m not shrinking it because I think we should appreciate him in all his glory

Moving rather swiftly on from my funny five minutes, things I miss.

You are all almost definitely aware by now that I am a super emotional person and I end up missing lots of things, people and objects alike. It’ll take way to long to list every single thing I miss, so I’ve decided to talk about one of the slightly more bizarre things I miss: days out, moments and memories.

Some days are so great that you can’t help but reminisce about them and wish that you could re-live that day again. I’m here to tell you about some of the most memorable days of my life, that I still can’t help missing now. I’ve been planning this article for a while now, and I finally have a reason to do it which is super cool! So let’s go! Two birds, one stone!

  1. The British Museum

In October 2018, I had one of the best days of my life. My family and I went to London to the British museum because my brother was studying Egyptians at the time and they have the famous Rosetta Stone there. After looking at the artefacts, something I really enjoyed, we met up with my Dad (he was working in London while we were at the museum) and went to my favourite restaurant chain: Hard Rock Café. It was an amazing day and I constantly wish I could do it all again.

2. Day out in Brighton with my big brother

30th August 2019, I spent an entire day with my friend in Brighton. The last time I went there was when I was around six, so it was really nice to go again. The weather was gorgeous, we went up the I360 which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life – even though I’m super scared of heights, I adored this. We walked along the beach, played games at the pier and the weather was absolutely amazing. On a slightly different topic, the food was great. We both completely pigged out, Greggs washed down with Starbucks for a mid-morning snack, Taco Bell for lunch, pretty sure we had other snacks because that’s just how we are, and then McDonald’s for dinner, with a McFlurry at 10pm because that’s just how we roll. When I was feeling rubbish in school that following term, I just kept reminding myself of how much I enjoyed that day and how ready I am to do it all over again.


Even though it was two days, they were still the greatest days. I got so many hugs! I went with my amazing friend Thumper, and we met a load of new people who we instantly became great friends with, and dubbed ourselves “the bagel cult”. I felt super accepted by everyone I met and it was really cool to meet some of my all time favourite YouTubers.

4. Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Concert

You should by now be fully aware that I have a tiny obsession with Taylor Swift, so when my Mum got tickets to her tour, I was so excited. It was by far the greatest concert I have ever been to, the set was insane, the costumes were to die for and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. As soon as she goes on tour again, you better believe I’m getting front row tickets.

5. The day in London with my Dad

As you can work out from context clues alone, I love London. I also love musicals and true crime, but that will make sense in a moment. So, when I was given the opportunity to go to the London Dungeons with my Dad, I grabbed it with both hands. It was so much fun, especially because they’d just introduced a new Jack the Ripper experience – something I was studying in school – so it was educational and so much fun! After we spent time walking around London, we sat in a McDonald’s (I think McDonald’s is a reoccurring theme to be honest), my Dad bought us tickets to see my all time favourite musical, The Book of Mormon, live in the West End! The seats were four rows away from the stage which was perfect and I loved it. The whole day was an amazing bonding experience with my Dad and I still wish I could relive that day over and over again.

Even though I really miss these days and experiences, I’m happy they’re memories, because even though I know I can never repeat them, they shaped who I am today and I’m so grateful to each of these experiences for giving me hope, or a safe space to think about when I’m in an awful situation. As Tay-Tay says…

Hold onto the memories and they will hold onto you.

New Years Day, Taylor Swift


Bristol and Book of Mormon

As a reward for getting through my mock GCSEs, (which I passed ¾ of if anyone was wondering) my dad was a total angel who bought me and a friend tickets to go see my favourite musical – The Book of Mormon in the Bristol Hippodrome.  Fun fact about me, this was my third time in the Bristol Hippodrome – My first going to watch Joseph and the Technicolour Dream coat (the musical which got me into musicals) with my Dad when I was around 8.  And the second was watching The Lion King with my Mum and Brother last year.  This was my second time watching the musical so I was ecstatic and even more so because I got to see it with one of my best friends – who we shall call Bunny (as in Bunny from Toy Story 4).  The musical was created by the creators of South Park which is something Bunny loves.

For those of you who don’t know, The Book of Mormon is a musical following two seemingly devout Mormon’s as they travel to Uganda on their mission – persuading people to convert their religion to Mormonism.  What they are not aware of is the fact that no-one in Uganda has successfully been baptised as a Mormon.  With undertones throughout this seemingly satire musical which make you think about how we treat others, the world around us and what we all believe in, I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a dark and dirty sense of humour or anyone who isn’t a big fan of musicals.  This musical seems to simultaneously mock and raise awareness about the worlds issues while spreading a valuable message of acceptance and peace.


As the performance I was seeing was an evening one, Bunny and I decided to spend the whole day in Bristol, walking around, trying not to get lost, sightseeing, shopping and tasting what Bristol has to offer.  It was a lovely day out and I will look at it fondly in years to come.

We started our day by walking to College Green, taking photos of Bristol Cathedral in the sunlight along the way.  I can’t help but explain to you how gorgeous the cathedral looked as the sun shone down onto the reflecting pavement where it had recently rained, bringing about an air of magic.  Bunny then began to talk about how he wanted to have some bubble tea for breakfast, so we went on the hunt, finding a small business called Cupp where they had the most delicious Bubble tea I have ever tasted.  The café is quite central as it is only a few seconds away from the Bristol Museum, but it was relatively quiet.  The lady who made our drinks was so lovely, kind and patient and the entire café was very eco-friendly and sustainable, and I will be going again.

After a while, we got cold so we decided to go on a walk to Cabot Circus so we could go present shopping.  Bunny needed to get a valentine present for his lovely girlfriend and a birthday present for a fab friend of his.  We went along our own merry way, stopping off to play Pokémon Go (Bunny, not me), buy energy drinks (Bunny), get Burger King (also Bunny) and go to an arcade (also Bunny!).  By the time we finally got to Cabot Circus, we decided to have a short look around for ourselves before present shopping.

Once we’d bought all the things we needed and played enough Pokémon to last me a lifetime, we made a slow mosey down to our reservation at Zaza’s Bazar.  Zaza’s is an around the world buffet place which I love because it’s one of the few restaurants’ which doesn’t give me panic attacks and it has such a vast array of food which I fill my boots with.  After we’d both had our fair share of dumplings, pizza, nachos, smarties and so much more – we left feeling satisfied and full.

After a long day of walking, shopping and eating, we went to the Bristol Hippodrome, ready to watch the Musical That’ll Change Your Life.  As we were watching, I honestly felt all my problems melt away as I got immersed into the superb storyline.  The vocals were all so amazing and each witty joke was perfectly timed, adding to the performance in a way the performers only can.  The costumes and set were also equally stunning, and I felt like I was getting transported from place to place.  I laughed with the characters, cried with the characters and gasped along with the audience whenever the characters made a risqué joke (It’s not a very kid-friendly musical to say the least).  Once it was over, I wished I could watch it again. 

At the end of the performance, we waited by the stage door and managed to see the amazing actors and actresses who played Elder Price, Elder McGinley and Nabalyungi.

In conclusion, it was an amazing day out and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Thank you so much to my Dad for buying me the tickets, even though I scarred you after taking you to see it beforehand.  And, thank you Bunny for letting me drag you to Bristol while there was a storm going on and making you see my favourite musical.  Love you both xx