A Letter to Past Me

I have actually already done an article like this! But, instead of writing to my Future Self, I have decided to write a letter to my past self, six years ago, when I was 10 years old. Look at me go, linking stuff together!

Dear past Tati,

You’re about to go into secondary school this year! I know, you’re terrified of losing friendships and things, but trust me, for every shitty friend you lose, you’ll gain am amazing friend who will always support you through thick and thin.

I won’t lie to you, secondary school is tough. There will definitely be multiple moments where you’re ready to give up and just throw your future away. Don’t do that! Your future looks so bright and you got this.

You’ll explore and find passions you didn’t even know you had, you’ll learn so many new wonderful things, just make sure to take everything in and stay calm.

I know you love jumping into things head first, but try avoid it. Think things through and consider logical reasons to avoid doing something stupid.

Throughout school, you’ll find your voice. It’s a horrible journey to get there, but as soon as you do, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.

You’re a tough cookie Tati. People have tried to break you before, but you’ll forever get up again and continue fighting and you’ll become completely unbreakable. As Legally Blonde’s Brooke Windom says: “what doesn’t kill us makes us hotter!” which is true, at least for your hair.

Don’t worry about your hair, just be warned that at the start of year nine you made a choice. Your hair is fine now though!

You can also do makeup, which makes you feel like the boss ass bitch which you are.

You’ll find yourself Tati, I do promise you that much.

Love yourself and give yourself more credit 🙂

Fifteen (almost sixteen) year old Tati xxx


What I’m Excited About

I’m a very excitable person, and I always love thinking about the future. Due to the fact I can’t decide on one singular thing I’m excited about, I’ve decided to write about all the things I’m looking forward to.

  1. My Sixteenth Birthday. It’s super cool to be an August baby, but it does mean all my friends are already 16. I’m looking forward to finally celebrating with my friends.

2. Starting Sixth Form. I’m really looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life. I feel like I’ll be one step closer to all my hopes and dreams and I’m excited about learning about all the subjects I find fascinating.

3. My Brothers Birthday. As you know from my five blessings post, you’ll know I love my little baby brother. Especially, I love present shopping for him and I’m really excited about finding out what he thinks of the gifts I’ve made them.

4. Being able to go abroad again. This summer, I was meant to go to Disneyland with my family, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, it had to be cancelled which is pretty upsetting. As soon as we’re able to go back, I’m so excited about being able to go to America again. It’s going to be a perfect family holiday and I’m so excited about it!

5. Getting My GCSE Results. Even though it’s a nervous kind of excitement, I’m really interested to find out how well I did in my class and coursework. I just can’t deal with the suspense!

Five Places I Want To Visit

The world is a big place. Someday, I hope to explore it all. Until then, I wrote a little travelling bucket list of all the places I want to explore someday and I have, somehow, been able to condense that list down to five.

  1. New York.
Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa on Pexels.com

Someday I hope to live here, but until then, I’ve dreamt about visiting this magical city for so long. The hustle and bustle calls me, Broadway sings to me and all the culture and diversity make me feel like I’d fit right in. It’s no wonder Taylor Swift has a song about how it’s been waiting for you. I’ve been hoping to go there for years and years now. Someday, I will take NYC by storm, mark my words.

2. Japan

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

Even though my friends and I disagree on many things, one thing we all agree on is the fact that we desperately want to go to Japan. The culture for some, the history for others, the food for most, and the iconic experience which we’ve all dreamed about is so near yet so far. To be brutal, I’m going to expose my friends, one of which really wants to go because of Pokémon and another (couple) because of anime. I hope one day we’ll be able to explore Japan together, but until then, travel videos will have to try cure our wanderlust.

3. A Haunted House

Okay, I know this one is pretty controversial, but one of my dreams (admittedly one of the weirder ones) is to spend the night in a haunted house. Truthfully, I am pretty sceptical of ghosts. I think the idea is super cool, but the reality is typically more normal than abnormal. Call me a pessimist, but I feel there is a logical explanation to most “ghost sightings”. However, I’m okay with being proven wrong in this case, hence why I’d love to go to a haunted house. Unfortunately, most of my friends “don’t f*** with ghosts” and my parents think I’m insane for suggesting it as a good family holiday (which I guess kind of makes sense… you win for now Mum!), so I’ve never had anyone to really explore with. As soon as I find someone to drag along though, it’s over ghosty boys.

4. Shanghai Disney

Photo by Zichuan Han on Pexels.com

Ever since this Disney Park opened in 2016, it has been a massive goal of mine to go over there and explore. I watched countless videos where people spoke about how amazing it was and that it was truly magical and I want in! As with most of the places on this list, there is a reason I can’t go, that reason is it’s so expensive! As soon as I become a millionaire I’ll go there but as that’s unlikely… I’ll probably have to start saving up now!

5. Amsterdam

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

At first, this seems innocent enough. However, I have had a plan for a while now that once me and two of my best mates turn 18, we’re going to explore the red light district. As a sort of way of celebrating being adults we’re going to do one of the most controversial things in Amsterdam! We’ve heard stories and we’re ready to find out more ourselves! Of course, I desperately want to go sightseeing there too, but if I’m over there… two birds with one stone right?

So there you have it! I feel as though this article has given you an unexpected insight into my brain, so, apologies for that. However, if you did enjoy this, please like and follow my blog, I appreciate it so much, and I’m honestly on cloud nine when I get any recognition. Please feel free to comment where you want to go, I’m always up for adding more ideas to my list!

Fly high guys, Tati xxx

10 Things Which Make Me Really Happy

Hi there and welcome to day one of my 30 day writing challenge! Day one is a very sweet one: ten things that make me really happy. I like this because it doesn’t just make me happy, it makes me really happy.

I thought about this for a while, and I think, finally, I have a complete list of what makes me really happy, so much so that I smiled so much while writing this.

  1. Dancing with my little brother I say this to everyone I speak to: I love my little brother with my whole heart. In particular I love dancing with him. We have already recreated Blurred Lines, Shake It Off and Starships but we are currently learning Beyoncé’s iconic Single Ladies. It’s so fun just messing around and having a little boogie woogie with my little baby brother.
  2. Singing and performing Slightly similar to number one, but I love to perform and sing. I play on my ukulele and I feel infinite. I love transforming myself into another person, getting into their mindset and walking a mile in their shoes. It’s one of the best ways I can switch off my busy brain which is even more chock-a-block than the London Underground at 5pm!
  3. Writing my blog is the best creative outlet I have ever had. I have a platform, I can spread my message of equality while staying true to yourself, and I love the feeling I get when someone follows my blog or likes one of my posts (hint hint) because it shows me that all the effort I put into this wild website does benefit at least one person, for whatever reason. I cannot explain enough how much I love my blog, it is my baby and I love my baby.
  4. Messing around with my friends I definitely have the greatest group of friends in the history of the world, no doubt about it. They always make me laugh – even if I really shouldn’t. When I’m with them, I feel like I can take on the world. I smile so much when I’m with them and not a moment goes by when at least one of us isn’t giggling about something stupid or…
  5. Cards Against Humanity. Wow! What a smooth transition into number five! CAH is the game that really exposes you to your friends and whoever wins is the funniest of the week. We have started a new tradition where every Friday we’ll meet up and play together. We get super competitive and we end up laughing over the most ridiculous stuff (my friend who shall remain nameless, went into hysterics because a card simply said Kale.) and we turn aggressive and choose to personally attack every single person in the group one by one. All in all, a fun game for all the family! (That was a joke, I’d rather look at a strangers feet than play CAH with my family).
  6. Going to London. London is my favourite place in the whole wide world. I love the West End, the museums, art galleries, shops, the whole shabang. The atmosphere makes me feel so… alive and some of my favourite memories were made in London. One day, I’ll live there, and that thought makes me so happy and contented that I feel there is hope left.
  7. Recreating Musicals in my room. Actually, not just musicals, music videos too. Some songs are such bangers that you have to dramatically sing along. My personal favourites are: Look What You Made Me Do, Bad Guy, I Think He Knows, She’s So Lovely, Everyday I Love You Less and Less and The Man (both Taylor Swift and The Killers). They get me so pumped and hyped and I always love singing Don’t Lose Ur Head, History of Wrong Guys and Sexy. You can bet I kick that door down like there’s no tomorrow while sashaying out with the sound of Gwen Stefani blasting from my speaker.
  8. Art. I love art. One of my dream dates from when I was younger was going to an art gallery in London (you can see the link between these), and not much has changed. I love recreating artwork and looking at it. I just find it so fascinating that even with my microscopic attention span I can’t help but stop and stare.
  9. When I make my parents cry with laughter. When I was about 11 or 12, I first watched Jack Whitehall and Russell Howard doing stand up comedy. After that, I went through a small phase of wanting to do stand up myself. I’d still love to do that now, but realistically, I know I’m not that funny but, hey, a girl can dream so dream I will! However, I feel like my confidence sky rockets whenever I say something which makes my parents burst out in a genuine fit of laughter. I love it because it shows me that I can be funny and that I say and do things which interest others to become active listeners in the story of my life.
  10. That feeling when you wake up on a Saturday, just before noon, rays of sun shining through your curtains. Birds chirping, you can hear your family – those you love with your whole heart – laughing and chatting downstairs. In that moment I feel as though the world is my oyster and it’s times like those that I realise how truly blessed I am to be alive, I pushed through whenever the goings got tough and that happened a lot. This time last year I would never have imagined this is where I’d be now, but I wouldn’t change a bit of it. It’s all shaped me into the person that stands before me in the mirror today and she’s ready for anything life throws at her, because life throws a lot at her. She’s a damsel, she’s in distress, she can handle this herself, have a nice day.

Voting Age – Tati Talks

Politics is shambles. You don’t really know what’s going on and neither do the leaders for about four years but then you blink and suddenly everyone’s having Brexit parties for some reason or another. There’s always some sort of non-political politics related scandal about an MP being a not-so-secret bigot or a US presidential candidate being accused of some horrific act which makes your blood boil. But hey! That’s politics! What a world we live in am I right? So, now I have stated my ever increasingly controversial opinion on politics, might as well go right to the deep end and talk about UK General elections voting age.

Figure One

Looking over these rules, overall, I don’t really have an issue with them, except for one. That one is the age. I have such strong opinions on it, I wrote a whole essay on it in my Year 10 mock citizenship exam. It was an 8 Mark question and I wrote well over two pages (I did get full marks though which is cool). So, to reiterate my point but to a larger audience, I think the voting age should be lowered from 18 to 16. There are so many reasons, but I am here to discuss a small three with you. Please comment your opinions below, I love hearing from people, and I love debates! DISCLAIMER: for many of these points I will be using hyperboles, and so even though the facts are true (I’ll leave the links I used at the bottom of this article) my opinion may be exaggerated to prove the point – debates must do. This is a controversial subject but I am not one to shy away and so I am going to face this head on. I mean no disrespect to anyone; these are just my thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, I think that the voting age should be lowered because anyone who is registered as a UK citizen can vote, and those under 18 are UK Citizens also. This includes perpetrators like those who have committed heinous acts against society. So, if we are giving permission to serial killers to express their freedom, why can’t we allow innocent 16-year olds to express their basic human rights to freedom and expression? (Article 19 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights). At this point, it begs the question, is this just a basic act of human decency Britain, or is it a deprivation of the human rights that we get taught about as soon as we start school?
Statistically, people do not want young people to vote because they feel there is no point as the voter turnout will not be affected. This is a valid concern since in 2017 43% of 18-19-year olds did not vote in the general election. This is staggering compared to the fact that a mere 16% of over 70-year-olds did not vote. However, the reason why so many young people did not vote is because they did not understand the concept. They were not fully educated on the matters which meant they did not understand what the difference between voting for lib-dems or the conservatives would make. There is a simple solution to this “conundrum”: We educate the younger generation on voting – we explain how to vote, why their vote matters, all the different parties, left-wing vs right-wing etc. Not only does this make young people more prepared for their future and make them more well-rounded individuals, but it also makes the voter turnout greater, meaning that Britain will be a true democracy with equal amounts of different demographics voting.

If we look at the laws that sixteen-year olds hold, they are very questionable and at some points controversial. The laws a sixteen-year-old hold are shown in figure 2:

Figure Two

Many of these laws are very controversial and would raise a few eyebrows. Furthermore, when you are aged thirteen, you are told you must choose your GCSE options, something which greatly shapes your future. The fact we are giving young people this control, but not to choose something which greatly shapes the future of this country is definitely wrong.
In conclusion, I think we should lower the voting age from eighteen to sixteen because it is the young peoples future, it gives them good life skills for the future and it increases the chances of an equal democracy.
Thank you for reading, please like this post if you enjoyed it, comment your views and opinions on this topic and follow this blog if you want to see more about what I write 🙂

xo baby, Tati xoxo


The Future

Ever since I was younger, I’ve enjoyed having long-term goals for myself.  I felt they gave me a purpose and something to achieve.  Even though the goals have changed quite drastically (Mum, Dad I assure you I no longer wish to be a “Hula-Hula Girl” on the “Streets of Hawai-i-i” – whatever that was) my aim has overall been quite simple: not lose sight of my morals, try make a difference, and do what makes you happy.  Corny I know, but they are all quite logical and I hope that by following those three steps, I’ll be able to do what I love.

Whenever I speak to someone about their future, the natural thing to do is completely panic.  That’s completely fine!  I’m in the same boat as you: great-aunt Patricia has finished asking you about school and she goes onto the question that makes every teen tremble with terror: “what do you want to do with your future?”  Sure, her intentions are innocent enough, but your mind suddenly draws a blank and you have no clue what to say.  Talking about your future is a scary thing as a teen, considering you’re not allowed to go to the bathroom without permission but you have to deal with people telling you that if you don’t pass your GCSEs you’re essentially a failure.  The way people put pressure on those choosing their GCSE options is ridiculous.  You’re barely a teenager and you don’t even know what’s going on in your bodies, let alone your future.  To anyone about to choose their options, I promise you, it’s not something to lose your head over.  You chose what you enjoy, and what you’re good at.  If you’re unhappy with your options by the time year eleven rolls round, don’t even stress it!  You’ll be onto a bigger and better thing soon enough.  There are always night classes and retakes and so many other options if you want to change your career path.  No pressure just be who you wanna be.

Once you get over the initial fear and panic of your future, you’ll probably have some ideas about what you want to do when you get older.  For me, this is quite simple, I have my ideal fairyland dream, my realistic dream, and my backup dreams.  I’ll walk you through each one.  Even though it may look like I’m facing the impossible, I’m not giving up and I won’t back down.  I will achieve my dream and my goals for the future and then some.  The future is as bright as you make it and my future is a freaking LED power efficient lightbulb with a control which changes the colour.  It doesn’t burn out and it looks jazzy and snazzy too.

In the idealistic fairyland dreamworld, my blog will really take off.  I’ll become an empowering activist, speaking about feminism all over the world, helping the world to become a safer place to live in.  Unfortunately, as much as I wish, hope, and pray that it’ll happen, the chances are exceedingly slim.  I’m a realist so I have my realistic dream and goals for my future.

My realistic dream is not the easiest path, but I am driven and as always, I’m a girl on a mission.  I want to become a legal barrister – either for defence or prosecution, I haven’t decided yet.  I want to work my way up the ranks and become a judge at the crown court.  This, of course, is a very big dream but I am so committed, and I really want this.  I’ve always been fascinated with the legal system, even more so recently as I love true crime and the barristers for those cases always appear so put together and persuasive.  I think barristers do an interesting job and I’d love to be a part of that.  I enjoy debating and making a change so being a lawyer combines two of my favourite things.  How am I going to do it?  Well, the plan is as follows: ace my A-Levels, get into an amazing law school – possibly international, hired as an apprentice at a law firm after my graduation from uni, rise up the ranks there, etc etc.  I’m a woman on a mission, what can I say?

Of course, I have my plan C (and plans D through to Z but we don’t need to go into that).  Plan C is to become a journalist.  It’d be just like my blog, except for a wider audience and a different array of topics.  It sounds like a fascinating job and I wouldn’t mind it at all.

There is no pressure to think about your life goals right now.  You have all the time in the world!  Just keep your head down and you’ll be A-Okay.  I wish you all the best, don’t forget to like, follow and comment – I love hearing from you all!

Tati over and out 🙂 

To Be Opened Ten Years From Now… A Letter to My Future Self

To older Tatiana,

So, you made it!  You’ll be 25 now, probably too busy to read a letter from your past self, but I think you should read it anyway.  As I am writing this, 2019 is coming to a close.  You somehow made it out – albeit with a few scratches and cuts, bruises and burns.  But none of that is important right now!  We made it!  Since you’ll be old enough to drink, get yourself a beer or wine or champagne or something – whatever it is you like – to celebrate finishing the first 25 years of your life.

Of course, you couldn’t have done it alone.  I have my strong support network of my friends, family and boyfriend.  Are you still close with them all?  Have you met new people?  I don’t mind as long as they make you as happy as Thumper and your BFG make me now. 

Have you got all your tattoos now?  I really hope so, I can’t wait to get them done and I’m sure they look nice!

Are you finally able to be totally true to yourself?  I’m trying to be currently so I hope that it’s all paid off and you’re doing what you love. 

How did GCSEs go?  Was prom as magical as you wanted when you were 7? What about A-Levels?  Did you choose the right career path for you?  Did I choose the right thing for you Tati?  I’m so desperate to be a lawyer or journalist – just someone people will listen to.  Do people listen to you now?  I’m so ready to take on the world so is the world ready to take on you?

But most importantly, are you satisfied?  Are you satisfied with the life you live?  Are you satisfied with the life you chose?  Are you satisfied with everything you’ve done? 

I hope so, but if not, you still have a lot of time left on this earth – please spend it wisely! 

That’s all, xo baby, Tati xoxo