Teachers We’ve All Had

I was in the mood for some light-hearted article today and I was thinking about how I’m leaving secondary school soon.  I was racking my brains to make a quirky, original post about school, which year 11’s will find relatable.  What did I come up with instead?  A post about stereotypical teachers I’m pretty sure we’ve all had throughout school years – secondary school in particular.  Let’s go!

  1. That one teacher who single-handedly made you fall in love with a subject.  For me, this was my Year 10 English teacher.  Going into year 10, I despised English – English Literature in particular.  This teacher not only made me appreciate the subject, but also encouraged me to take it as an A Level later on in life.  If it wasn’t for her, I’d still have no real ambition for the future.  It’s crazy how one teacher can change your whole viewpoint on life.
  2. That one teacher who should really be in retirement by now.  No hate here but I feel like my younger readers will understand this one.  There’s always that one teacher who you either see around school or have as a supply teacher who just seems that little bit too old.  Normally, these teachers are some of the sweetest people, but they should be enjoying retirement, not having to deal with screaming teenagers on a Thursday afternoon.  Poor, poor souls.
  3. That one teacher who is like a Mum.  For me, this is my Chemistry teacher I’ve had since Year 9.  It’s becoming a running joke now that she is my in-school Mum, who is very lovely.  She has that amazing sense of humour which I only know Mum’s to have, she always talks about her actual child to me and it’s so sweet just watching her face light up when she remembers something her child has done.  I love this woman, and she’s one of the main reasons I’m staying on at my school for Sixth Form.
  4. That one teacher who is very strict and very stressed.  The amount of times I have coughed in one of these sort of teachers lessons and they pounce.  Throughout the years, I’ve managed to work out that if your last lesson is with a teacher with a short temper who’s had tetchy teens the whole day, it won’t be a fun lesson.  As long as you get your head down and don’t breathe too loudly, you’ll be fine!
  5. That one teacher who cares too much whether they’re liked or not – down with the kids.  I always feel slightly sorry for this teacher because they just want to be one of the popular kids who seem to forget they need to enforce discipline.  They let you get away with anything in class, I’ve once had someone throw a book out of a second-floor window and not get any repercussions.  It’s wild.
  6. That one teacher who doesn’t care at all.  They’ll put the work on the board, a documentary or even just give you a textbook and let you get on with it.  Typically playing games or drawing, this teacher doesn’t care what you’re doing, just as long as you don’t kill anyone.
  7. That one teacher who is just really good at their subject, just not the nicest person.  I have had countless teachers like this.  The best advice I can give you for these lessons is to leave personal issues outside the classroom and just listen to what they have to say.  I had a teacher some time ago who had some interesting opinions about politics and he wasn’t afraid to share them.  As much as I wanted to kick up a fuss, if they’re good at what they do, just get your head down and work, there’s no point in having a shouting match with a teacher you’ll lose to no matter the outcome.

I’m sorry my posts have been so sporadic recently by the way, I’ve been dealing with lots mentally and I’ve had my second set of mock exams so I’ve been exhausted.  As soon as my final GCSE comes around (15th June) my aim is to post at least once a week.  I have some amazing this planned this summer and I will be sure to share them here!  I’m also taking a break from social media, so if you normally get updates on when I post through one of my social media accounts, just be aware I most likely won’t get them back until either Easter or even after GCSE’s.  I haven’t decided yet, so the best thing to do is subscribe to my posts by popping in your email address.  That way you’ll get notified every single time I post a new article.  Thank you all so much for being so incredibly patient throughout all this, you’re all amazing and I promise you everything will be back to normal by June.  Until then, I’ve been Tatiana, and I’ll see you sometime in the near future!