40 Facts About Me

Today, I am here, breaking out of my hiatus to let you know all about me. This way you will truly see Totally Tatiana the way that some of my blog articles won’t present me as. Let’s do this!

1) I love the colour yellow

2) I’m a hopeless romantic – I honestly think it’s because I listen to Taylor Swift 24/7

3) I’m really into musicals

4) I love music – alternative pop and alt rock are the best to me (Push Baby, The Neighbourhood, Billie Eilish are the best)

5) I have a strange obsession with dinosaurs and I have a dinosaur shrine in my room – the way to my heart is dinosaurs 🙂

A Small Part of My Dinosaur Shrine

6) Hoodies are what I live in

A Fraction of My Hoodies

7) My favourite pastime is watching movies – Comedies, (psychological) horror and mystery’s are my favourites

8) I like Toy Story – a lot.

I also have a Pizza Planet Hoodie but my big brother stole that off me last month and I haven’t seen it since – If you’re reading this please give it back, I bought it with my birthday money!

9) I love becoming a different aesthetic each day.

10) Taylor Swift is my one true love

11) A few years ago I wore nothing but “boy’s” clothes to prove a point I could wear whatever I wanted to and now my clothes are 50% men’s and 50% women’s

12) I have a bad habit of stealing all my friend’s stuff – Hoodies, food, you name it! (Sorry Thumper)

13) I adore The Office US

14) I love to bake and paint nails

15) I’m a social butterfly and extreme extrovert

16) At school I’m known as the vigilante/activist – by teachers and students alike

17) The best way of describing my sense of humour is the 3D’s: dry, dark and dirty

18) I tried to be a plant mum but then one of my plants got ill and that one touched another plant and that one touched another plant so now all my children are dead 😥

19) I love doing eye makeup.

20) I stage protests on the daily [You can probably tell that from my blog though]

21) I really enjoy working with kids and I volunteered at my local Beavers group for three years and that was honestly the highlight of my week.

22) I really like milk. Not sure why I just love semi skimmed milk. Whole milk is too thick though and any other milk tastes like water. Semi-skimmed is the milk for me.

23) I am a massive hypocrite

24) I can’t stand planes – they give me really bad anxiety and I get air sick.

25) I can’t stay mad at someone for over two hours – if I’m still acting mad after that I’m really not. Being angry tires me.

26) I was born on the 26th August and I’m one of the youngest in my year

27) I’m super scared of heights and rollercoasters

28) The name Tatiana came about after some new friends made fun of me for my “posh accent”. Other nicknames also included posh spice. My “full name is Tatiana Daarling.

29) During the summer term at school I get very nostalgic and reminiscent

30) I play the ukulele (I’m self taught)

31) I really love art and being creative

32) I also really enjoy doing calligraphy

33) I have a strange habit of going on walks when it’s pitch black with my friends. During the summer holidays my friend and I met up at 5pm just so we could go on late night walks from then until whenever we wanted o go back. We got lost a lot.

34) I love, love, love party rings!

35) Everyone at school is convinced I’m a druggie because I go a million miles a minute – I’m really just very hyper but shhhh.

36) I love going to art museums and galleries. Museums in general to be fair – my favourite museum in the UK is the V&A, abroad it’s the Science Museum in California and I really want to go to the Museum of Death in Hollywood.

37) I am completely obsessed with conspiracy theories, unsolved crimes, serial killers and murder mysteries.

38) I’m super bad at remembering names and faces – even if we’ve been friends for years, chances are I’ll still call you the wrong name.

39) I cannot stand feet – they gross me out so much so I always wear socks.

40) I also just love socks, I have been known to take off my shoes and just walk around showing people my “socky boys”

My Socky Boys 🙂