Saturday Nights

So, I’m single and I’m happy this way. I feel like you need to know this to understand the context of my story.

Due to the fact I am a single lady, I spend Saturday nights alone. Even if it sounds incredibly depressing, I have come to look forward to these evenings as I feel it gives me time to focus on myself and I have time to properly care for myself.

After spending time with my brother, when he goes up to bed, I normally call my friends just to see how they’re doing and things. I do this for about half an hour, then, when the sun starts to set, the party for one begins.

I’ll turn off all communication with the outside world, grab my Winnie the Pooh blanket, turn my laptop onto airplane mode and switch on the TV, searching for something to watch. Every few weeks, I decide to watch some stand-up comedy which is what I did this evening. I’ve always loved stand-up because it’s so light-hearted and you can just switch off and laugh your worries away. It also makes me feel less alone because of the interpersonal relationships you build with the comedian performing (media studies ftw). This evening I watched an array of different funny guys: Pete Davidson, Donald Glover, Bo Burnham and then ending with Russell Howard. Each of these comedians mean something to me, hence why I chose them this Saturday Night.

Before I pressed play on Pete Davidson, I decided to get some snacks. I normally get super hungry from around 9pm onwards so I helped myself to a bowl of cereal, a pear, some strawberries and chocolate. This may sound healthy now, but wait a few hours and you’ll see me turn into a hungry hippo!

Munching away, I resumed watching comedy, feeling at ease listening to their jokes which appealed to my dark sense of humour.

At around 11pm, I was part way done with Bo Burnham’s “Be Happy” and I got hungry again. I paused my game of solitaire and got my Dad to make me some cheese on toast. Not to be cheesy (I apologise profusely) but my Dad 100% makes the best cheese on toast in the world – no questions asked.

After entering cheese heaven, I continued watching Netflix and playing solitaire when at 1am, my Mum finally managed to convince me to go to bed. After talking to my parents for a while, I went to bed, put on some YouTube and drifted off to a magical world of slumber.

Why did I post this article you wonder? Being single is portrayed as the worst thing on earth, when in reality, I cherish evenings where I can just be myself and ugly-laugh to my hearts content. That to me is self-love.

What’s your version of self-love? Everyone is different and there are no wrong answers. Just remember to disconnect from your phone once in a while and take time for you and you only.

Love and hugs, Tati xo


Comedy Shows That You Really Should Be Watching Right Now

My friends and I love a good bingeable comedy series.  So, when I asked them about series’ that they’d recommend to my beautiful fans, they all gave me at least one comedy show, or a hybrid-genre [GCSE Media student here oops] which also includes another element that takes their fancy.  I am now here to give you an extensive list, given to you by Tatiana & Co. 

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t watched all these programmes yet, but I’ve researched them, and my friends have impeccably good taste, so my trust does fall quite heavily with them.  Now, on with the list!

Available on Channel 4, NBC, FOX, and Netflix

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A modern hit my friends and I adore; you can look inside the fictional 99th Brooklyn Precinct New York Police Department and see what hilarious chaos ensues.  This precinct is overlooked by the marvellously monosyllabic Captain Raymond Holt, who must almost babysit the genius detectives which make up this NYPD Squad.  Not only does this show give you an instant pick-me-up and leave you laughing so much, it also goes against many stereotypes and shows how even if the odds are stacked against you, you can overcome them and achieve great things.  An overall storyline which is filled with character growth and development, I can promise you won’t be disappointed!

Available on FOX, Channel 4, and Sky

The Simpsons: I’m sure I don’t need to explain this show to you.  It’s a global phenomenon and sometimes I watch it with my little brother.  I must admit though, instead of watching Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s, why not watch this instead?  It passes the time and is just as chaotic!  This show also has Blondie’s seal of approval.

Available on Netflix, Hulu and E4

Rick and Morty: This chaotic cult classic is one I will be quoting for decades to come!  A seemingly average American dysfunctional family, with satirical stereotypes of an unemployed Dad, an insane teenage sister, borderline alcoholic mom, and an anxious teenage boy, this show surely makes for a perfect family friendly show… right?  Well…  not exactly.  This animated hit follows the adventures of Morty, a paranoid teenager and slightly crazed drunk scientist Rick, who is practically the smartest man in the universe who also happens to be Morty’s grandfather.  Following?  Yeah, me neither.  However, this show is funny, and I love watching it when I need to relax and (literally) explore the different universes the show has to offer.  Sci-fi like you’ve never seen it before.

Available on CBS, CTV, E4, Channel 4,, and Netflix

Big Bang Theory: Yet another classic which seems like Friends but is so much nerdier and dorkier… it’s very accurate to me and my friends!  Filmed in front of a live studio audience, this American Sitcom follows the life of physicists, a waitress, an aerospace engineer, an astrophysicist, neuroscientist, a microbiologist, and a comic-bookstore owner.  Winner of seven Emmy Awards, you can’t live your life without watching at least one episode of this iconic show.

Available on NBC, WGN America, Nick@Nite, Disney XD, ABC Family, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, 5Star and Netflix

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: If you have gone through your life without having the pleasure of listening to the opening credits, allow Will Smith to do the honours…

A funny show with heart-warming messages, this show is perfect no matter your age.

Available only on Netflix

Big Mouth: Yet another chaotic animated cult classic, big mouth follows the life of a handful of American seventh graders who are exploring being a teenager.  Yet another crude comedy, it’s a perfect pick-me-up.

Available on Sky Comedy, CBS, iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

Everybody Hates Chris: I love this show! Following the misadventures of Chris Rock as a teen. This show is the perfect mix of chaotic, crazy, funny and super sweet and heartwarming. Strongly recommend it to anyone and everyone! My Mum recommended it to me so I am passing on her wisdom!

Available on Netflix

After Life: From the mind of Ricky Gervais, this incredibly heartwarming show was formed. Following the life of a mam mourning the loss of his wife by acting horribly to everyone. A brutally honest insight into the mourning process and how we deal with pain and loss. A true British comedy with all our chaotic words and people.

Available only on Sky

Moone Boy: The best way of describing this show is as following: Imagine what Everybody Hates Chris would be like if they were Irish… and they had Chris O’Dowd as an imaginary friend. Yet another firm favourite in the Tati household as my Mum and I love it! Perfect for fans of The IT Crowd and The Young Offenders or, if you’re a fan of this then watch those two! Boom, three for the price of one – a Tati triple!(buh-dum-tssss)

Available on Comedy Central and Hulu

The U.S Office: Finally, I had to end on my favourite! Another one I quote on the daily, based off of the UK version with the same name. A mockumentary following peoples lives at a paper company. If you liked the British version and feel like you’re betraying Ricky Gervais, don’t worry! He was executive producer for this iconic show! I’m going to leave you with this fact which brings this post round a full circle: one of the producers – Michael Schur – also produced Brooklyn Nine-Nine!