when you hit rock bottom

When you hit rock bottom, you feel like you’re underwater

Fighting for your way out,

Struggling to breathe

Wondering if you will survive.

There’s an anchor attached to you, making it impossible to leave even though you know if you stay here any longer, you’ll surely harm yourself.

All of a sudden, a lifeboat is driving toward you.

There’s a person, asking, begging you to talk to them.

You tell them things you’ve never told anyone.


Slowly you feel the anchor loosening.

You feel yourself floating up to the surface,

The lifeboat with you all the way.

You emerge, gasping for air.

The lifeboat person is there, helping you.

You feel safe.

You’re no longer trapped, trapped in your own thoughts.

No-one can hurt you anymore.

i miss you.

i miss when we messed around

i miss when i made you proud

i miss when i was yours

i miss you.


I don’t miss you hitting me and you calling it “Messing Around”

I don’t miss when I changed every single thing about myself to make you “Proud”

I don’t miss being “your” puppet on a silver string.

I don’t miss you.

I don’t need you.

Someday I’ll find someone who doesn’t hurt me, someone who doesn’t make me change, someone who doesn’t act like he owns me.


Until then,

I don’t miss you.


Our rainforests are getting cut down, soon there will be nothing.

Our icecaps are melting down, soon there will be nothing.

Our species are dying, soon their will be nothing.

Our crops are not reproducing, soon that will be nothing.

Our planet is getting hotter, soon there will be nothing.

We could all die sooner than we should, and what are we doing?


I’ve Got This

He may have been strong

But I am stronger.

He may have been tough

But I am tougher.

He may have been smart

But I am smarter.

He may have thought he ruined my life

But he was wrong. 

Now I’m stronger, smarter and tougher.

If I could get through him,

I’m stronger than 10 of him combined.

If I could stand my ground around him,

I’m tougher than 100 of him combined.

If I could not listen to the lies, he forced down my throat for years on end,

I am smarter than 1000 of him combined.

So even though you’ve hurt me, broke me and tore me down,

It ends now.

I am not your puppet on a silver string.

I am not your violin you can play

I am a human being.

I am strong.

I am tough.

I will get through this and you’ll wish you never crossed me.

What Feminisim Means To Me

Growing up, I was always anti-feminist. It sounds crazy – how could I be against equality for all? But back then I didn’t know what feminism was. Back then, I thought feminists were crazy women who wanted to walk men with a lead plaited from their own armpit hairs. Back then, I thought feminists were violent vigilantes who burnt their bras and ran around kicking men where you really should never kick a man… Unless, of course, you have their consent – but we won’t get into that today!! But, that was back then. I was 7 years old then and even though I’m only 15, I know enough about the world to say I know what feminism means to me.

Feminism to me is equality for all.

Feminisim to me is my three closest friends being male.

Feminism to me is not spreading lies, secrets, and rumours about those we call our “sisters”.

Feminism to me is about fighting the good fight, and standing up for what I believe in.

But, most importantly feminism to me is bringing other girls up, not tearing them down.

Thank you so much for reading, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in ages, I’ve had something of a writer’s block – hence why this isn’t so long – and I’ve also been swamped with revision, and when I’m not revising you’ll find me hanging out with boy friends’ and boyfriend’s. Stay tuned because I will post more regularly, you’re all amazing,

xo baby, Tati xoxo

The Fighting Female

Future generations being able to live

Equally alongside their peers, ending the constant

Misogyny us girls face as people are scared of our

Intelligence, even though they pretend our self love is

Narcissism, but don’t worry about them as they are just too

Ignorant to know basic fundamental human rights. But you’re different. You’re

Stronger, smarter and sassier than all of them combined. If we all work

Together, we can end this obsession and make equality the norm.