A Day In The Life

By popular request, I have decided to go the roots of democracy, and give the people what they have asked for: a day in my life! I’m not sure how this is going to work considering these are normally YouTube videos, not blog articles, but I’ll give it a go! In true YouTuber fashion, this article is sponsored. Thank you so much Cheri Glow Cosmetics for supporting my blog, it means a lot 🙂

C”heri Glow Cosmetics is an amazing make up brand which produces affordable but high end makeup. Not only is all their make up great quality, it’s also all handmade so you know every product you get is going to be practically perfect. Their collections are amazing and I’m getting a massive haul from them, as soon as I work out how to not buy the whole shop! All their products are cruelty free and they ship worldwide so there’s nothing in the way between you and their makeup! Plus, I have a code so you can get a discount, as if it wasn’t cheap enough! Just use the code TATITEA in the checkout and you’ll be able to save – perfect for a baby on a budget but you’ll look like you’re worth a million pounds! Thanks again for sponsoring me Cheri Glow, now back to normal programming!

I woke up at 8:30 and I cleaned my room. I’m still not too sure how my room manages to always be messy, but it’s a big feat! After I cleaned my room, I went downstairs and made myself breakfast. I’m still loving Cheerios’ (I’ve been in love since I could eat solid foods to be fair) so I helped myself to a big bowl of cheerios’ with semi skimmed milk and watched some Netflix. I’m currently watching Tiger King and I’ve just finished it today – it’s super good! I continued watching that for a while and then replied to messages on my phone.

After about an hour of binging Netflix and being anti-social, I slogged upstairs and had a shower and went about trying to make myself clean. I 0use Aussie Shampoo and Aussie Conditioner for my hair, and Beauticology shower gel because it smells so good! After I’ve pampered and made my skin go red because of how hot the shower is, I get out and choose my outfit. Today I was going for quite grungy look so I decided to wear my ACDC Shirt with my black distressed jean shorts, all from New Look and I paired that with my black leather converse. It was quite a casual look and it would stop me from melting in the sun.

I still wanted to go for my striking makeup look, so I recreated the look I have in my summer skincare routine which you can see here. I sorted out my hair and went to get myself some lunch. As you know, I adore peanut butter, so it was only logical that I had a peanut butter sandwich on some whole wheat seeded bread with an orange.

After I finished eating, I went to (socially distance) meet up with my friends. It’s so lovely to see them, but whenever we meet, chaos ensues. In the first hour alone, we battled with branches, played an intense game of UNO, sung along to chaotic meme songs and more! I’m super grateful for my friends as they always cheer me up. After a while, we decided to go see our other friend so we began the almost-hour-long trek in the boiling sun, with only pints of milk and energy drinks to keep us going.

Our collection of milk

Once we finally made it, havoc took place. It’ll take far too long to explain it all so I’ll condense it. We hid loads of plastic babies, messed around with the hose and air soft rifles and my best mate shot me. All in all, it was a super fun day which ended with all of us sat on the grass, reminiscing about secondary school together.

Baby in the bullets!!

After four hours of crazy fun, I went home to peace and quiet. I had my dinner (Indian food my Mum made – wooo!!) and watched the US Office with my brother.

At about 7pm, I started working on my blog and website designing. I have a newfound love for website designing and I’m obsessed with being creative and this is a great outlet.

I finished that at 10pm, watched some TV and did some artwork for an hour and went to bed, reading my book (BlackKklansman by Ron Stallworth) and then went to sleep, ready to do it all again the next day.

I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know what you want to see next! I’ve really enjoyed writing and posting recently and I’m hoping you all like it too!

xo baby, Tati xoxo


Summertime Skincare Routine

My last skincare themed post got some really positive feedback and I had many people asking me to do a second one. So, as the weather is getting hot, hot, hot, I have decided to show you my skincare routine in summer as I’m always paranoid of my makeup becoming cakey or even just sweating it all off because of the intense heat. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you to get your makeup to stay in place for a whole day (and night) out without having to be worried about retouching your makeup.

Skincare Soundtrack

As you all know, I love music. I have countless playlists which get me completely hyped and ready for life. On my YouTube channel, I have compiled a Summer Skincare Soundtrack so you can listen to total bangers while applying your war paint 🙂 Link is here for when you want it xx


What I use for my skincare routine

I have previously spoken about what products I use for my face and not much has changed other then my opinions on sun cream. Cosmopolitan wrote an amazing article in their June issue all about the importance of SPF and it honestly opened my eyes. I use Soltan simply because my brother uses it, it works, and we have a lot of it in the house. I’ve been using this brand since I was a kid and they’ve never done me wrong. I’ll apply my witch hazel blemish stick, then the sun cream, and then The Body Shop oil control. I have got combination skin and I stand by this cream so much! It’s gel-like and it feels super lightweight. You need to wait a bit for it to dry so use sparingly and you’ll be fine-o wine-o.


I have raved about my I Heart Revolution palettes before in my May Faves article but I still cannot get over them! I am completely obsessed with the smell, pigment and overall quality of this brand. I use the Peanut butter cup palette or the chocolate orange palette as I find the colours in these sets can be used for any season. The mascara I use is one I have been using since I was in year eight and it gives me all the flashbacks to trying out makeup for the first time. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara will forever remain in my makeup bag, no matter how old I get. A new brand I’ve began to use recently but I’m obsessed with is MUA. I’ve been using their eyeliner pencil for a few weeks now and oh my word this brand is now a firm favourite. I bought this eyeliner pencil not expecting great things – it was £1.50 and no makeup is that great that cheap… right? But I was completely blown away by the quality and definition of this eyeliner. This brand is perfect for “baby on a budget” as you don’t need to pay the staggeringly high prices but you still get an amazing quality.

(allow the low quality) My Typical eye makeup using all the products above.


Due to the fact that summer is a hot-ass month, I rarely wear foundation as I find it quite heavy and I find I have more important things to worry about! I’ll still use MUA concealer though as it is lightweight and easy to apply – what can I say?! I love this brand! However on those days where I’m having a really bad breakout, or I’m not feeling all that great about myself, I wear The Body Shop foundation. I have spoken about this foundation before, so I won’t bore you with the details again but I do love this foundation because of the coverage. I’ll also use setting spray and powder to make sure it’ll stay in place throughout the day.


I love shiny things. I’m like a magpie with my obsession. I use I Heart Revolution for my highlighter as the pigmentation is amazing and it’s so easy to apply! I use The Body Shop Lip gloss and I always get so many comments on it.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this article, it’s slightly different but it has been requested so I hope you enjoyed it!

Comment what you want to see next and I’ll se you next week! 🙂

P.S – I’m sorry about the low quality photos! I was in a rush when I was taking them and they were taken on my iPhone!